Benefits of Coccinia grandis leaves


Benefits of Coccinia grandis leaves

Coccinia grandis: Coccinia grandis is a type of herb. Locally known as Kuchila', Tela, Telakchu, Telahchi, Telachora Kelakchu, Coccinia grandis bimbi etc.
It is a creeping perennial plant with dark green soft leaves and stems.
It grows pentagonal shaped leaves, leaves and stems are green in color. It is eaten as a vegetable. The leaves, vines, roots and fruits of the plant are used for medicinal purposes.

Coccinia grandis Fruit Benefits

Coccinia grandis usually grows in forests, roadsides or around houses. Its bright red fruit is very attractive to look at.
But this tree is quite neglected. Very few people plant this tree with care.
But you will be surprised to know that this neglected creeper is very beneficial for health. Coccinia grandis is rich in beta-carotene.
Which relieves us from many serious diseases. Let us know about the medicinal properties of Coccinia grandis plant

Coccinia grandis Tree Benefits

Diabetes takes root in our body due to various reasons. Which gradually makes our body useless. So those who have diabetes, it is very important to keep this disease under control.
Coccinia grandis plant is very effective in this regard. Make the juice by squeezing the leaves along with the stems of Coccinia grandis.
Drink half a cup of this juice every morning and afternoon. Also, eating Coccinia grandisr leaves after cooking is beneficial in diabetes.
Many people are afraid of jaundice. But don't be afraid and trust this Coccinia grandis tree. Which is very useful. To cure Jaundice, make juice by squeezing the root of Coccinia grandis.
Now drink half a cup of this juice every morning. You will benefit from it.
Swollen feet
Swelling or swelling of the feet happens to many people. This problem occurs when traveling in a car for a long time or sitting with legs hanging for a long time.
In this case, squeeze the root and leaves of Coccinia grandis and drink its juice 3 to 4 teaspoons every morning and afternoon. This will solve the problem.

Properties of Coccinia grandis leaves

Shortness of breath (not asthma)
Many suffer from breathing problems. Breathing is difficult especially due to chest cold or cough.
To avoid this, take the juice of Coccinia grandis root and leaves and warm it.
Now take 3 to 4 teaspoons every morning and afternoon for three to seven days. Breathing problems will be solved.
Coccinia grandis is also very useful in relieving cough. If there is a cough, it works well to thin the mucus.
To relieve cough, take 3 to 4 teaspoons of Coccinia grandis root and leaf juice and warm it.
Now mix half a teaspoon of honey with it and eat it every morning and afternoon for 3 to 7 days. This will be beneficial.
Schlemma fever
Warm 3 to 4 teaspoons of Coccinia grandis root and leaf juice to prevent phlegm. Now eat it in the morning and afternoon for 2 to 3 days.
In this case, telakchur leaves should be crushed and juiced.
Lack of breast milk
Many people do not get milk after giving birth. Again the body becomes pale. If this condition occurs, warm the juice of 1 Coccinia grandis fruit and mix it with honey. Now eat this amount of juice in the morning and afternoon for 1 week. This will eliminate the lack of milk in the breast.
Benefits and harms of Coccinia grandis leaves
Boils and acne
Coccinia grandis leaves work like magic to heal boils and acne. Apply Coccinia grandis leaf juice or crushed leaves on boils and pimples daily in the morning and afternoon. It will provide quick release.
If dysentery occurs frequently, take 3 to 4 teaspoons of Coccinia grandis root and leaf juice every morning and afternoon. Consuming this juice regularly for 3 to 7 days will bring relief.
in disinterest
Many people have a bad taste in the mouth when they have a cold. In this condition, boil the Coccinia grandisr leaves a little and discard the water. Now cook it like vegetables with ghee. Eating this vegetable will make you want to eat it first.
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