Benefits and harms of orange peel


Benefits and harms of orange peel

Benefits and harms of orange peel

Oranges are well known as a vitamin C rich fruit, but few people are aware that the soft inner skin as well as the peel is also an excellent source of vitamin C. Rich in polyphenols, orange peels are beneficial for maintaining good health and fighting chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity. According to a study, the presence of polyphenols in the peel is so high, its amount is much higher than that of the original fruit. The essential oil contained in the peel is rich in limonene and helps fight skin cancer. The rind of the delicious fruit has very high quality fiber, which helps in proper digestion.

Benefits of orange peel, benefits and harms of oranges

Oranges are as beneficial for the body as they are beneficial for the body Know what are the uses of orange peel

To relieve stomach problems:

Orange peel solves stomach problems. Even orange peels are no match for gas, ascites and nausea. Eat finely chopped peel with one teaspoon of honey every morning. Then don't fall into such problems easily. You can even eat it with a salad for breakfast.

Bile and phlegm problems:

One of the properties of orange peel juice is that it removes kapha problems and any kind of pitta problems. First peel the orange thinly. Then grate it with vegetable peeler or grater. Then add the peels while making the color tea. It is even better with a small amount of ginger. Now boil the water a little and drink it like tea when the smell of ginger and orange spreads. You can also add honey. Then kapha and pitta problems will definitely be solved.

Hair Care:

Orange peel works great to make hair soft and dandruff free. So boil the orange peel in water and keep it overnight. The next day, strain the water and wash your hair with it. It will make the hair soft and dandruff free.

Benefits of eating orange peel

To lose weight:

Orange peel is very effective for high cholesterol problems and weight loss. Because it contains dissolved triglycerides that help to eliminate the problems.

Relieves Insomnia:

Water mixed with orange peel when used in bath helps to relieve insomnia. Even saffron peels can be bathed in hot water. But if you want you can mix shell oil with water.

For teeth and mouth:

Many people suffer from various problems with bad breath. But you can easily use orange peel to remove this bad smell. You can chew orange peel every morning on an empty stomach or at any time of the day. Your gums will also be good and bad breath will be removed. Also, chewing orange peel will make the teeth very white and shiny. Orange peel can remove black and yellow teeth in the best and natural way. Just sprinkle a little water on the inside of the orange peel and rub the teeth. You can also use raw orange peel as bete paste if you want. Besides, orange juice is very beneficial for the skin.

Orange peel face pack

Prevention of cancer and bone diseases:

Orange peel contains flavonoids known as 'hesperidin'. It protects us by working against colon cancer and osteoporosis.

Asthma and cough problems will be reduced:

Orange peel powder relieves cough. It is even useful in relieving respiratory problems and asthma. Drink orange peel tea regularly to get rid of these problems. Orange peel can also be used to make marmalade or toffee. In that case, chew this toffee well every morning while drinking tea. Then the disease will be cured.

To reduce yellowness of teeth:

Sprinkle some water on the orange peel. Then rub the water-coated peel on your teeth. The yellowness of the teeth will disappear immediately. If you want, you can grind the peel and apply it to a paste. To get rid of house odor: Take a pot of water and boil it for few minutes with some cinnamon and orange peel. The smell of this mixture will remove the smell of winter dampness in the house.

To remove acidity:

Orange peel oil is rich in anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving stomach acidity. It also contains an ingredient called d-limonene which keeps the bowel and liver function normal. And drinking two drops of its oil in water will completely cure the problem of acidity.

Uses for skin:

As orange peel is high in citric acid, it helps in brightening the skin. It is very easy to make orange peel powder at home and the extract made from it naturally brightens the skin. It works as an excellent black head remover. Rubbing well on the face every day removes black spots and acne scars. Dry some peels in the sun and blend them in a grinder until the peels turn into a fine powder. If you want, you can mix orange peel powder with curd and use it as a face pack. You can also use it as a face scrub in the same way.

Relieves Insomnia:

Orange peel used in bath water relieves insomnia. Shred the peels well with a fork. Then soak in warm water. Take a bath while the water temperature is lukewarm. If you want, you can mix the essential oil made from the shell.

Uses of orange peel

Although oranges are a winter fruit, they are now available throughout the year. It is very beneficial to eat this fruit which is rich in nutrients. After eating oranges, we usually throw away the peel. But not many people know that orange peel has amazing nutritional value. Let's know some uses of orange peel -

Shell jelly:

Jelly made from its peel is very tasty like orange jelly.

Ingredients - Two oranges, two cups of lemon peel, one tablespoon of gelatin, a little water, two tablespoons of sugar, and two to three drops of orange essence.

Method- First mix water and gelatin in a bowl. Now extract the juice from the orange and discard the peel. Now the peels should be made into a paste. Now cook the gelatin mixture on low flame till it melts. Then cool the mixture and add the juice, paste, sugar and orange essence. Keep on low heat until sugar dissolves. Once the sugar melts, cool the mixture, pour it into a mold and refrigerate it for four to six hours to make orange peel jelly.

Orange peel tea

Orange peel tea, rich in vitamin C, increases immunity. If you don't want to lose sleep in winter morning, this tea will fill your morning with freshness as soon as you drink it. Shake the orange peel in the sun or dry it. When the juice is completely dry, grind it in a mixer. Get up in the morning and take half a teaspoon of this peel powder in hot water and dissolve it. Of course, if you can mix a little ginger with this tea, the taste will increase. Drinking this tea on an empty stomach every morning after waking up has no chance of getting a common cold. Also, you can drink this tea if you have digestive problems or acidity. There are many benefits. Those who are in the habit of drinking detox water in the morning, they will not need to take anything else after drinking this tea. To prevent the type of infection that occurs with the change of season, you can try tea made with orange peel to lose weight.

In cooking:

If orange peel is used in cooking, the taste and smell of cooking increases a lot. Apart from this, orange peel contains vitamin C, it fills the lack of vitamin C by entering the body. You can use orange peel while making cakes biscuits etc. without using any additional chemical ingredients. Also, orange peels add a wonderful different flavor when used in salads.

As a room freshener

Orange peels are perfect for room fragrances. Boil the orange peel in hot water. You can also add some more aromatic herbs. When it boils, reduce the flame. Gradually the aroma will spread throughout the house including the kitchen. The smell of fish and meat in the kitchen can also be removed with this method.

To add flavor to food

You can add orange peel zest or grated orange peel to add aromatic flavor to the food. This khosa kuchi can be mixed in different types of salads.

In other cases:

If for some reason the sugar gets wet, you can add some dry orange peels. Dried orange peel has the ability to absorb moisture. It will easily absorb the moisture of the sugar and make the sugar neat. You can try this if the sugar is wet during monsoon. Orange peel can also be used to remove dampness and smell from the house.

Disadvantages of oranges

Your Favorite Orange Could Be Harming You As with the benefits and nutritional value of oranges, they also have side effects. So before eating oranges, let's know the disadvantages of oranges.

1. Eating too much oranges can cause problems like stomach ache.

2. If you eat excess oranges, you will have problems like diarrhoea.

3. Again, in many cases it is seen that excessive and untimely consumption of oranges can cause problems like heartburn, indigestion and sore throat.

4. Many cases are seen again in people who have heart and kidney problems and doctors often prohibit the consumption of oranges. Oranges contain potassium, so those who suffer from heart and kidney problems and are restricted from eating potassium-containing foods should avoid it.

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