Such will be the treatment of colleagues


Such will be the treatment of colleagues

Such will be the treatment of colleagues

Gradually, as we worked together, our colleagues became like family members. But if you want to be very close and common use with them? Of course not.

There are some etiquettes to be used in dealing with them. Let's not know about this.

Professional use

Always try to use professional with colleagues. No matter who they are, there is no need to open up and share everything with them.

Don't speak loudly

There is no need to shout or speak too loudly at work. Speak there slowly and clearly.

Not a complaint

If you are bothered or annoyed by a colleague's behavior, try to resolve it by discussing it directly with him. Do not go to the authorities to complain against him in the first place. However, if the situation is not manageable, you must take action.

Not to embarrass the colleague

Colleagues should not be embarrassed or annoyed. Remember that even if you work together for a long time, you are not a colleague but a friend. It is also important to note a few more things. Such as sitting or standing next to a colleague must keep a certain distance. Don't talk to her or make fun of her outfit.

Not a personal relationship

Working in the same office can create trust and love between two people. However, it is better for your career not to get involved in this kind of relationship. Because, if for some reason your relationship breaks down, it will be difficult for both of you to continue working properly.

Respect for colleagues

Suppose you are a very big official but everyone who works in one office is a colleague. As is the case with bosses and employees, there is no room for co-workers. Every employee is important for an organization. If you give him the respect he deserves, you will be more respected in the eyes of everyone.


Working together all day, must be contacted after the holidays or on holidays if necessary. However, unnecessary repeated phone calls or knocking on social media can have a negative impact on his personal life.

Cooperation is not violence

Suddenly a colleague got a very important job. Do not envy him but cooperate in his work. Remember that no achievement or failure is personal. Everyone is working for the organization and what is most needed here is a good-healthy work environment and excellent teamwork.


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