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Domestic way to get rid of rats, cockroaches

Domestic way to get rid of rats, cockroaches

From kitchens to wardrobes - rats, cockroaches everywhere. Here are some simple home remedies to get rid of insects in your home.

Clean the kitchen sink occasionally by pouring hot water and any disinfectant. You can use readymade insect killer spray in dark, wet places.

Outline with kerosene or petroleum jelly where the ants are entering. Place with borax powder near doors and windows. Ants will not enter. Occasionally a mixture of hot water, soap and kerosene oil can be used as a floor cleaner.

If there is a garden next to the house or if there is a damp feeling in the house, there is more infestation of insects. In this case, do not put the bed against the wall. Install a metal stand around the bottom of the foot of the bed. If not possible, apply a coat of petroleum jelly. Insects cannot get out of bed.

Place a cube of camphor in the corner of the mattress. Insect problems will decrease.

Clean the carpet with a regular vacuum cleaner.

Insects like moths are often seen in clothes and silk sarees. This type of insect can be stored in ordinary dirty clothes. So always wash and dry the clothes and then put them in the wardrobe with a naphthalene ball.

Place on the bookshelf with naphthalene and neem leaves. Insects will not cut books.

Insects are more common in humid climates. Use a mixture of neem leaf powder and green chillies as an insecticide. These are not harmful, again keep the insects away.


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