Diet for the body is not a stress on the mind


Diet for the body is not a stress on the mind

Diet for the body is not a stress on the mind

Delicious food at your fingertips But there is also the pressure to diet to keep the body healthy Do you have a good mind? Researchers are highlighting the various harmful aspects of diet

After a few weeks of delay, the weight continues to increase But that is not the only thing that happens when you diet There is no lack of temptation around The subconscious mind silently aims at him

But what happens to the subconscious when dieting? U.S. researchers have conducted an experiment to find the answer to that question They first tested the levels of the stress-producing cortisol hormone in the bodies of 100 volunteers. Then the diet was introduced for half of them The only thing left to keep an eye on was the rest

After three weeks, everyone's cortisol levels were measured again It was found that the level of cortisol in the second group did not change much But the level of people on a diet has increased by about 16 percent Cortisol increases blood pressure and pulse As a result, stress also increases But dieting does not only increase stress in the brain

According to the results of the study, hungry people go to the store to meet the demand for high calorie food Demand and satisfaction determine our behavior The part of the brain called the tegmentum is responsible for that behavior It sets the 'fee'

British scientists tested MRT to find out how hunger affects this part of the brain. Volunteers once had a chance to have breakfast Another time they had to be hungry Then the scientists showed them some pictures They did this to find out the reaction of the volunteers to the brain tegmentum There was almost no reaction in the brain to see the neutral picture But looking at the food pictures, of course, there has been a change

In this case, the brain is becoming more restless when the volunteers are hungry. If the stomach is full, but that is not happening In the case of high calorie-rich foods, the brain becomes the most restless The biggest problem is that you have to fight with the desire for food or hunger all the time Then the subconscious fight started

A study in Sweden found that More than 650 children and adolescents were interviewed about food intake and body awareness. Adolescents who diet regularly are not only dissatisfied with their bodies Even if they are full or hungry, their body cannot give proper signals It is not yet clear how diet affects that perception But the more people diet, the more terrible the consequences Source: Deutsche Welle


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