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Risks & Health Benefits of Chillies , You can eat raw chillies to remain yourself fresh, Will eating more chilis help you live longer?


You can eat raw chillies to stay yourself fresh

You can eat raw chillies to remain yourself fresh

Fear of bitterness? do i get scared once you see chilli? Leave the fear and eat raw chillies regularly. From cancer to diabetes. Bacterial infections from pain. Raw chilli works as a cure to unravel these problems.

Raw chillies are rich in antioxidants. So it's called a body protector. Fights cancer. Experts say men should eat more raw chillies. Because men are more vulnerable to prostate cancer. Yam raw chilli for prostate cancer.

Experts advise people who smoke regularly to eat more raw chillies. Raw lentils have antibacterial properties. Protects the lungs from infection. Raw chilli reduces the possibilities of carcinoma .

Raw chilli is rich in vitamin C and beta carotene. Zero-calorie raw chilli. Reduces weight. Increases immunity. Keeps skin and eyes healthy. Helps to reduce blood sugar . Raw chilli features tons of fiber. Helps to digest food. Endorphins are secreted within the brain. Which keeps the mood good. Reduces pain. Closed nose opens. Protects against colds or sinus infections.

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