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How To Get Rid of Blackheads Naturally, Blackheads will be eliminated in a domestic way, How to Get Rid of Blackheads


Blackheads will be eliminated in a domestic way

Blackheads will be eliminated in a domestic way

Blackheads can affect any skin type. It is more common on the nose, throat, back, chest and forehead.

According to a report by Indian lifestyle and health website Boldsky, many people suffer from blackheads due to hormonal disorders. But there is nothing to worry about. There are some natural ways to get rid of this problem:

Baking soda, lemon juice and raw milk

Baking soda is very effective in reducing blackheads. It helps to clean the dirt from the skin. Lemon juice restores the radiance of the skin. Raw milk contains vitamin B, alpha-hydroxy acids, calcium and antioxidants. It acts as a skin cleanser.

Take two tablespoons of baking soda, one tablespoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of raw milk. Now mix all the ingredients. Then apply well on the face. Leave for five minutes. Then massage it well on the face. Now wash with water and apply toner on the face. Do this at least once a week. Good results will match.

Salt and lemon

Salt helps to remove blackheads by cleansing the skin. Mix one teaspoon of lemon and one teaspoon of water with one teaspoon of salt. Now apply the mixture on the face and gently massage for 10 minutes. Then wash.

Cinnamon, lemon juice and honey

Just as cinnamon enhances the taste of food, it also has health and beauty benefits. It has anti-bacterial properties, which helps to get rid of acne and blackheads. Make cinnamon powder and mix it well with honey and lemon juice. Now apply on the skin. Leave it like this for 15 minutes. Then rinse.

Egg whites and honey

Egg whites contain vitamins and amino acids, which are very beneficial for the skin. Mix one spoon of honey in the white part of the egg and apply it well on the face. When dry, rinse with cold water. Apply it daily. You will see that the skin will become clear and bright.

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