Grab pillows and blankets for 'World Sleep Day' ,World Sleep Day – Why Sleep is Important in Business

World Sleep Day: 100 million people in the world do not get enough sleep

 World Sleep Day: 100 million people within the world don't get enough sleep

World Sleep Day is today Friday. today is widely known on the third Friday of March per annum . World Sleep Day is an annual event sponsored by the planet Association of Sleep Medicine. The theme of the day this year is 'Regular Sleep: A Healthy Future'.

Studies have shown that a minimum of 100 million people within the world don't get enough sleep. additionally , 22 million Americans suffer from insomnia. Studies have also shown that sleeping quite two hours on a vacation delays the body clock by 45 minutes. As a result, there's less sleep on the night of the vacation , it causes you to feel tired after subsequent day's work, the body and mind aren't suitable for work. For this reason, researchers recommend sleeping eight hours nightly of the week. Researchers recommend staying within the sun for 6 to eight minutes to urge vitamin D within the body on holidays. Because sunlight keeps the body clock right.

Low levels of vitamin D can cause diabetes, hypertension, cancer and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis may be a disease that causes a decrease within the weight and density of human bones. Bone size increases but many holes are created in it. Its fragility also increases.

The day was first observed in 2006 by the planet Sleep Day Committee of the planet Association of Sleep Medicine. the most purpose of this committee is to tell people about the physical and mental damage caused by lack of sleep.


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