How To Make Your Teeth Whiter Fas, Bay leaves will make teeth whiter, If the tooth decay is far away, the bay leaves will shine,


Bay leaves will make teeth whiter

A beautiful smile enhances the personality many times. And I want bright white teeth for a beautiful smile. But not everyone’s teeth are white. Many people do nothing to make their teeth whiter. From expensive toothpaste to regular visits to the dentist – nothing is left out. But the expected results remain elusive. In this case, you will be quite surprised to know that some domestic ingredients are enough to make yellow teeth white.


There are bay leaves in the spice store of the house. This ingredient is usually used in cooking. However, with this bay leaf you can make your teeth shiny in a natural way.


Let’s find out, how to use bay leaves-




4 bay leaves (either raw or dried), orange peel or dried lemon peel (equal amount of bay leaves), 2-3 cloves if you have bad breath or gum pain.


How to make a pack:


Take tamarind leaves or grind them finely. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Now you have to mix a little salt with these ingredients.


Do not forget that the peel of the fruit must be dried. These can damage teeth when raw.


Terms of use:


Mix this powder with a little water and brush your teeth at least once a day 3 days a week. Rose brushing is not required, it can damage the teeth. It can be used two or three days a week depending on the level of yellowing of the teeth.


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