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Everyone thinks of AC to cool the house in extreme heat. But many people may not know that even if some plants are planted inside the house in warm weather, the temperature of the house can be reduced. Not only do these plants keep the house cool through natural processes, but they also help to add moisture to the air in the house.

To enhance the beauty of the house, many nature lovers decorate the house with beautiful bahari trees. But not only beauty enhancement, there are many trees that help to keep the indoor weather cool.

But before we learn about trees, let us know exactly how trees help to keep the home environment cool.

Aloe vera

A pair of aloe vera match weight for any skin problem. However, due to the large amount of water in its leaves, it evaporates, leaving the environment cold. Aloe vera also absorbs formaldehyde and benzene present in the air.

Bamboo plum

The long leaves of this tree act as air humidifier and purifier. It also helps to remove benzene and trichloro ethylene from the environment.

Weeping fig

These trees grow very nicely inside the house and the tree has a lot of leaves which makes it more sweaty. Removes any heavy metal present in the air.

Snake plant

This tree has another name, ‘Mother in Loss Tang’. This plant is very juicy and releases oxygen at night so the air in the house stays cool. Like aloe vera, these plants absorb formaldehyde and benzene from the air.

Peace Lily

The more leaves a tree has, the cooler the environment. And the leaves of this tree are also quite large. Reduces the amount of various toxins from the environment.

Boston fern

Like Bamboo Plum, the Boston firm also serves as an air humidifier and purifier. Eliminates various volatile organic compounds present in air.

Money plant

It works as an excellent air humidifier. What’s more, it removes a variety of contaminants from indoors, such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and carbon monoxide.

Spider plant

One of the favorite trees of tree lovers is this spider plant. This tree is cultivated indoors with very little effort and easily. In addition to keeping the indoor environment cool, it also absorbs harmful pollutants present in the air.

Chinese Evergreen

There are many varieties. However, there is no comparison to the Las Foliage species to keep the house cool. These trees also remove the substances present in the air.

Rubber plant

The leaves of this tree are big so they have more ability to keep the house cool. It also helps to keep the environment clean by absorbing the formaldehyde present in the air.

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