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The bad side is the medicine to increase the physical strength of men,the medicine to increase the physical strength of men.

Subject : The bad side is the medicine to increase the physical strength of men, the medicine to increase the physical strength of men.

Drugs to increase the physical capacity of married men – Many have shown that excessive physical intercourse results in a decrease in sperm count, meaning that the level of sperm is reduced and the semen (semen) becomes thinner. If the level of sperm in your body decreases, you may be unable to give birth many times.

Rapid ejaculation is a common problem in our country. In our country 80% of the people are suffering from this problem. Its main causes are porn addiction, excessive masturbation and emotional anxiety.

Scientists have researched and come up with various epoch-making solutions. One solution is to use a sex spray. You can have intercourse for 40-60 minutes by spraying twice on the head of the penis 15-20 minutes before intercourse. There are many types of sprays available in the market. Among them, German sprays have caused a stir all over the world. It has no side effects. It is not a medicine for external use only.

Some Homeopathic Remedies for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Weakness of sexual energy, rapid ejaculation, nightmares, flagellation are common sexually transmitted diseases in men. All these diseases are often heard. There are very few effective treatments for these diseases in allopathy. However, homeopathy has effective treatment for sexual problems and no side effects.

Here is an introduction to various sex problems and homeopathic remedies. If you know that you can easily take the service if needed.

Lycopodium is an excellent medicine for flagellation. You can eat it if the flag is broken due to excessive smoking. The main symptoms of Lycopodium are gas in their stomachs, their brain is very good but their health is very bad, they must have some problem related to urination or stomach, premature aging, morning weakness etc.

Selenium is a first class medicine for sexual dysfunction, rapid ejaculation, nightmares, hair loss, etc. This works especially well for those who have constipation.

It usually works best if gonorrhea is followed by sexual dysfunction. The penis becomes smaller and softer, sticky substance is released before and after bowel movements and urination, frequent nightmares.

Effective for those who do not get any pleasure in sexual intercourse or do not ejaculate after sexual intercourse or whose semen is ejaculated early or who have become weak due to excessive masturbation.

Staphylococcus aureus is one of the best remedies for sexual dysfunction in men. This is especially true for those who have lost their flag as a result of excessive masturbation due to excessive sexual activity. It can be eaten in any strength like Q, 3, 6, 30, 200 etc .; However, the lower the energy, the better. Take five drops twice a day morning and evening. In the first few days of marriage, if there is any problem related to urination or genitals of girls, you can safely take the medicine called Staphylococcus aureus. This is because staphylococcus aureus is equally effective in both sexually transmitted diseases and traumatic diseases.

Salix nigra is one of the best medicines for weakness or incapacity in sexual intercourse of men due to excessive sexual intercourse, masturbation, nightmares etc. For those who have lost weight due to these reasons, this medicine also increases their weight considerably. As well as unmarried young men or women whose spouses are abroad or have died, this drug helps them to lead a normal life by reducing excessive arousal.

Nax Vamika is an excellent medicine for increasing sexual energy, especially for those who are cold, those who have more stomach problems, stay in bed all the time, reduce physical exertion, increase mental exertion and so on. To get good results, it should be eaten frequently on low energy.

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This applies to sexual dysfunction due to depression. Its main symptoms are memory weakness, mental weakness, hands are always busy, epilepsy and so on.


When a woman sees a man talking, she ejaculates without thinking. Take -12x or higher 4 pills twice a day

Insomnia due to excessive ejaculation, reluctance to work, genital weakness. Take -12x or higher 4 pills twice a day

Bad dreams, masturbation, extra wife intercourse etc. are bad for this. Take -12x or higher 4 pills twice a day

Caution: If you take medicine without consulting a doctor, you are more likely to get no results.

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