Classic Swedish Massage, Swedish massage: Treatment, Benefits and Contraindications, Indications and Contraindications for Massage, Contraindications of Massage Therapy,What Is A Swedish Massage,12 Benefits of Swedish Massage

Subject : Classic Swedish Massage, Swedish massage: Treatment, Benefits and Contraindications, Indications and Contraindications for Massage, Contraindications of Massage Therapy, What Is A Swedish Massage,12 Benefits of Swedish Massage,

Swedish massage: Treatment, Benefits, and Contraindications

Swedish massage, also called classic western massage, is a type of massage whose goal is to make the recipient reach a general state of well-being, both physical and mental.


The conception of this treatment is attributed to the Swedish physician and physiotherapist Pehr Henrik Ling who perfected it in the early 1800s after traveling for 7 years. During his long journey, the Swedish doctor arrived in China, where he approached martial arts and learned the manipulation techniques of Tuina massage, the traditional Chinese massage.

Once back in Europe, he developed a type of gymnastics that integrated both Western medicine techniques and massage techniques learned in the East, after his system was officially recognized by the Swedish government, in 1813 he founded the Ling institute in Stockholm. of Modern Gymnastics.


Over the years, different types of manipulation have been devised but all derive from the classic maneuvers of Swedish massage :

1. Both light and deep strokes were performed in the initial part of the session and aimed at promoting relaxation and preparing the patient for subsequent manipulations.

2. Kneading is used to act deeply on the muscles and stimulate blood circulation, thus promoting tissue oxygenation.

3. Frictions are performed with deep manipulations to cause friction between tissues close to each other in order to improve blood flow within them.

4. Percussion is performed with rhythmic “taps”, usually on the lower limbs, with the aim of promoting vasodilation and toning the skin, underlying tissues, and muscles.

5. Vibrations, pressing on an area of the body with the hands and swinging it rapidly to promote relaxation of the muscles.


The Swedish massage, in addition to giving a feeling of well-being and relaxation, has many other beneficial effects, including:

# toning of skin, tissues, and muscles;

# the drainage of liquids and toxins from the body;

# stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation;

# increased tissue oxygenation;

# improved digestion and breathing;

# stress reduction.

This type of massage is also recommended if you suffer from anxiety, depression, headache, insomnia, arthrosis, muscle problems, sciatica, back pain, and circulatory problems.


Like all types of massage, even the Swedish one is contraindicated in some cases. In fact, it is necessary to refrain from undergoing this type of treatment if: 

1. you suffer from phlebopathies, necrosis, heart problems with edema in the lower limbs;

2. if you suffer from allergies to some components that may be present in the oils used for the massage;

3. pregnant;

4. in the presence of fever, fractures, inflammatory states, infections, and skin wounds;

5. in case of recent contractures.

However, it is always advisable to contact a qualified operator who will be able to indicate which type of massage is the most suitable case by case.

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