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Women move away from all the habits of men

Women move away from all the habits of men


There are some men who can easily win the hearts of women. Again, some men are not liked by women at all. Which can be called absolutely eye pain. But what is the reason for this difference?


The answer is hidden in the behavior of men. There are some traits in men that women do not like at all. Rather, these special traits make women very repulsive. Most women do not want to be close to these men, even if they are in a relationship or married, they move away.


Find out what kind of boys and girls don’t like




Women absolutely cannot tolerate men without character. Women try to avoid men who chase after more than one woman or who are surrounded by extra women. Because women do not feel safe with such men.




Women cannot tolerate impersonal men at all. Women always try to avoid men who behave impersonally. Women look at the behavior, socializing and all the activities of impersonal men with a lot of annoyance.




Women do not like men who cannot protect or neglect any responsibility. Although very eye-catching, in our society, this is the reality that women really want dependence and shelter from men. Women usually do not tolerate men who are completely unreliable or incapable of taking responsibility.


Lack of extra confidence


Men who are overconfident usually do not want to listen to anyone outside of their opinion. Again, women do not like the lack of extra confidence. So women cannot tolerate such men.


Antisocial men


They themselves stay away from relatives, family and neighbors. And they want his spouse to stay away from everyone. No woman likes such antisocial men.


Reckless men


There are some men who are very careless. They never notice anything they say. Most of the time they forget the important things that are said due to their oblivious nature. Women do not like such men.


Extra arrogant men


Women cannot tolerate men who are overly arrogant about their money, appearance, skin color, race or job. No man or woman is allowed to be arrogant. Especially if men are arrogant with their appearance or money, it looks very ugly.




Women do not like misogynistic men. Girls like to stay away from men who constantly make bad remarks about female colleagues, girlfriends, or close female relatives, and speak negatively about women’s clothing and even character.


Sneezing crying


There are some men who cry when their girlfriend picks up the phone a little late. Women don’t like men crying at all.


The bones are stingy


Even though men have crores of rupees in their pocket, they don’t want to pay for a cup of tea when they go to a restaurant with their friends. It is difficult to get money out of the pockets of men with bones. Girls want to stay ten hands away from these men.


Feminine in nature


Men with masculine nature are always talking violently in the name of their friends, relatives, colleagues and even their siblings.




They flirt with any woman. Even after marriage, their character does not change.


Similarly, if women also have these characteristics, then men also turn away effortlessly.


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