Find out all the harms of extramarital affairs, what is the harm of having more intercourse

Find out all the harms of extramarital affairs, what is the harm of having more intercourse, what happens if you have sexual intercourse every day? What are the benefits, if you do it regularly, what are the disadvantages, can you have sex every day ?, is there any physical harm if you do it every day? Yes,

Is there any physical harm if you have sex every day? Husbands and wives, especially newlyweds, are like birds. They want to meet whenever they get a chance. As a result, they met several times on the same day. Later it no longer exists.

Because more intercourse reduces the fun of intercourse. If the husband and wife are in good health and have more intercourse according to the rules of intercourse, there is no harm. If the husband and wife are in poor health then it is better to reduce the intercourse. If you do not have sex every day but have sex 3-4 days a week, there is no risk of any harm to health.

And it is better to take some food after intercourse. It will fill the nutritional deficiencies. The permanence of intercourse will remain intact. The feeling of fatigue of intercourse will go away. Husband and wife should be equally interested in having intercourse. The husband needs to have sex but the wife does not.

In such a situation, the husband should understand the mental state of the wife and offer her sexual intercourse. In our society, it is true that most husbands pay more attention to satisfying their sexual desires. It does not give any importance to the will or reluctance of the wife.

Want to spend time alone with your partner? Go ahead. Because regular sexual intercourse or intercourse will relieve your fatigue with peace of mind, reduce calories, and also give you the gift of restful sleep. In a word, it will make the body healthy and clean.

10 Benefits of Regular Sex

1) Sexual intercourse two days a week greatly reduces the risk of heart attack in men.

2) Sexual intercourse is infallible in relieving pain. Orgasm during sexual intercourse increases the secretion of the hormone oxytocin five times. In addition, the body secretes endorphins, which play an important role in reducing pain.

3) Regular sex increases the number of IgA antibodies in the body. Which is essential in disease prevention.

4) Sexual intercourse eliminates fatigue. Creates peace of mind.

5) After sex, sleep is comfortable and peaceful. Which enhances overall physical well-being.

6) Every time you have sex, you lose at least 60 calories. As a result, sexual intercourse is the best way to lose weight.

6) A hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone is secreted during sexual intercourse. This hormone repairs various cells by increasing immunity. As a result, life expectancy increases.

6) Heart rate increases during intercourse. As a result, the level of blood circulation in different organs and cells of the body increases.

9) It is well known that sexual intercourse is satisfying as a result of excess testosterone during intercourse. But what many don’t know is that testosterone strengthens bones at the same time, controls cholesterol, and maintains heart health. In women this time excess estrogen secretion maintains heart health, and controls odor.

  1. Having sex at least three times a week can externally reduce your age by ten years. During intercourse, secretion of oxytocin and endorphin molecules increases in the body. These molecules can repair damaged skin cells. Also during this time the growth hormone secreted during sexual intercourse prevents skin wrinkles. Increases blood circulation. Makes the skin shiny.

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