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Some rules of physical intercourse make it easier to get pregnant as planned. So if you are not pregnant, you can be aware of meeting your husband without fear. Not using a condom or stopping the pill will make a woman pregnant. If you want to be a mother, it is very important to have a proper lifestyle, healthy food and other things. The first thing you should keep in mind is to know about the probable time of fertilization of the egg. You need to keep an accurate monthly account so that you can use the rules of physical intercourse keeping in mind the time if you want.

The probable time of ovulation: Many people do not use condoms but often cannot get pregnant. The reason is not so much. Calculations show that the fertilization did not take place during the fertilization of the wife’s egg, which resulted in no pregnancy. A woman’s ovaries produce eggs once a month. This is called ovulation. Only when this process is completed can the egg be fertilized if it comes in contact with semen. However, the sperm can enter a woman’s womb and survive for about five days. Only if the woman’s egg is ready then the sperm can join the egg.

It can be said that there is no chance for the ovum to be fully formed from the first day of menstruation to seven days. Those whose menstrual irregularities are different. But those who are menstruating at the right time every month can keep this in mind. This calculation will not work if you take the emergency pill, it must be remembered. Normal menstruation occurs in those who have intercourse with their husbands from the first day to the beginning of their period, but the chances of getting pregnant are very low. If you want to get pregnant, if you meet your husband once in the next 10 days, if there is no problem, then the woman will get pregnant. Because the egg is ready within this time.

Stopping the birth control process: If you have a condom in your drawer, you can throw it away at any time. If you are taking birth control pills, you can stop taking them and start trying them directly. Or you can continue the pill until the start of menstruation. In this case, it is easier for the doctor to determine the date of birth of the child. It can take up to six months for your menstrual cycle to return. If you become pregnant while taking the pill, stop taking the pill and seek medical help. Pregnancy while taking the pill does not harm the baby, but it is better to be careful. If you use injections for contraception, you may have to wait up to a year to conceive.

Physical intercourse before the ovum is ready: Male sperm survives in the uterus or fallopian tubes for two to three days. But a woman’s ovum remains in a state of fertilization for only 12 to 24 hours. After that no more sperm can work there. Therefore, it is necessary to have sexual intercourse one day after the end of menstruation without physical intercourse on the probable day of ovulation. As soon as the egg is ready, the sperm can be combined. Sperm waiting in the womb can do the same.

Physical intercourse is not every day: Many people think that physical intercourse is necessary every day if the child wants. That’s not right. Exhaustion or fatigue can come with daily physical intercourse. Women’s interest in mating may decrease and men’s semen may become deficient. This can lead to the possibility of physical intercourse during ovulation. So physical intercourse after one day is the best way to get pregnant. In this way there is also an interest in physical intercourse and the chances of fertilization of the egg are also high.

Proper sexual intercourse: Some sexual methods can be used to conceive. The most common position of sexual intercourse is male over female. This is called missionary position. Many think that physical contact in a missionary position can help in this regard. Because the woman can lie on the bed without any movement. Although there is no accurate information about this or no such research has been done.

There has been little research on the two methods. One is missionary and the other is doggy style. The doggy method involves a woman lying on her back with all four arms and legs and her partner having sex from behind. It is generally understood that semen can easily reach the cervix with this method. In both cases, the semen easily reaches the front of the cervix through the vagina. Maybe standing or you are in a better position above. There is not much information about this. So you continue to have sex like you do.

What to do immediately after intercourse: Semen is around the vagina and cervix. Once ejaculated, millions of sperms enter your vagina. Even if you stand up after sexual intercourse, there is no reason for all the sperm to move. So even if you stand up immediately after sexual intercourse, there is no problem in pregnancy.

If you have enough time and no problem, it is better to lie down for 30 minutes after sex. After sexual intercourse, lie on your back on the bed. So that the semen can flow easily towards the uterus. You can put a pillow under the feet so that the legs are a little higher. In general, the longer the semen can be kept inside the uterus, the better. When lying down in this way, the semen easily enters the fallopian tube through the uterus and cervix. Choose the time before bed for physical intercourse. As if you don’t have to get out of bed immediately after the reunion. But if you have an infection in your uterus and the doctor tells you to empty the bladder after intercourse, then it is not right to delay after sexual intercourse. It is a good habit to clean yourself immediately after intercourse. There is no fear of any kind of infection. But at least 1 hour for pregnancy


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