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It is very uncomfortable for people to urinate frequently. Frequenturination usually means gaining more speed than usual and urinating. Itinterferes with a person's daily routine and disturbs sleep

 It is very uncomfortable for people to urinate frequently. Frequent urination usually means gaining more speed than usual and urinating. It interferes with a person’s daily routine and disturbs sleep. So if you urinate frequently for quick relief, many people start taking antibiotics without realizing it at the beginning, which in many cases leads to reverse damage.

Many people have frequent urination pressure during the day and many people have more urination at night and in some cases day and night remain the same. It is not uncommon to have urinary pressure 4-5 times a day. However, if it happens more than once, but it becomes a matter of concern.

Again, frequent urination means diabetes, but that is not the case. There are many reasons behind this, such as diabetes. According to experts, frequent urination pressure occurs only when the bladder begins to overwork. This can be due to various reasons such as alcohol consumption, caffeine, diabetes, urinary tract infection, any difficulty in pelvic region, side effects of some drugs.

In this disease, the bladder muscles become much more active than necessary, working much more than necessary. As a result, one gets frequent urination. In many cases, urine can leak through the hole in the bladder.

There are several possible causes for this bladder problem. It is not at all easy to identify why this is happening. Many problems can be responsible for this.

Urinary Tract Infections – Infections in the bladder or kidneys can cause these problems.

Outflow Obstruction – This is especially true of men. Prostate problems can lead to bladder problems.

Neuro or Neurological Problems – People with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or those who have had a stroke may also have overactive bladder problems.

Some Responsible Medications – High blood pressure medications (LASIX, diuretics) can cause such problems if taken continuously.

This problem can occur even if you drink a lot of alcohol or coffee.

This can happen to all men and women. In particular, women who have gone through menopause have a much higher risk than others. And men, who have prostate disease, have a much higher risk of developing bladder problems. If there are symptoms, urine culture, bladder clan, cystoscopy, uro dynamic testing are used to diagnose overactive bladder disease.

If you have such bladder problems, go to the doctor at the beginning. Avoid coffee or caffeinated beverages as much as possible. Exclude carbonated drinks, sugary drinks, spicy foods, and acidic foods from the diet. If you are overweight, you need to reduce it. Exercise the pelvic floor. This increases the strength of the pelvic or urethral muscles. Make it a habit to go to the bathroom all day long.

For those who have frequent urination problems, maintain a diary. Then there will be many benefits to treat, to identify the problem. In addition to following these rules, if there is a problem, you must take the advice of a doctor.

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