The sex organs of boys are getting smaller due to corona, the sexual organs of youth are getting smaller due to corona, new variants of corona are increasing sexually transmitted diseases


Experts have long claimed that coronavirus can cause serious damage not only to the respiratory system but also to other parts of the body. This time the male genitalia were also added to the list. The length of the penis of a young man infected with covid has decreased, and in that study, the researchers of Charakgach eye!

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the 30-year-old American citizen had been suffering from corona for a long time. In the end Kovid won and he also got from the hospital. But when he returned home, he was in danger. He suddenly noticed that his penis had become loose. After several days of treatment, the problem of penis relaxation was eliminated, but the young man claimed that the length of his penis has decreased by about an inch and a half.

The young man further claimed that the doctors said that the incident was due to severe damage to the circulatory system of the penis. Physicians fear the damage could be permanent.

A recent study by University College London has revealed the cause of this phenomenon. The study, conducted on 3,400 people, found that about 200 of the participants had problems with penile relaxation after contracting covid. The same claim was made by scientists in a research paper published in a leading scientific journal on men's health. Their statement is that endothelial cells can be damaged as a result of covid. And that is why penis relaxation can occur.

Experts say that such incidents have a negative impact on sexual life, as well as on the mental health of the victim. However, it is not uncommon for the penis to become erect, not only the penis relaxes, but also the unintentional erection of the penis. In the language of science, this symptom is called prapism.


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