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It has become a common occurrence to look at the screen of a laptop or phone for a long time due to pandemic. Due to which, various eye problems are naturally occurring. That is why it has become very important to keep in mind some things while working on computer, laptop or scrolling on your mobile.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Manoj Rai Mehta shared some tips for good eye health and keen eyesight.

* Sit with your back and neck straight in a comfortable chair. Your hip and knee joints should be at a 90 degree angle.

* Your book and paper should have enough light to move from front to right or from left to right. This prevents you from casting a shadow over anything you read or write.

* So that no light comes directly to the eyes. Because it will create pressure on the eyes. As a result, it is difficult to read and write. It is healthy to have scattered background lights and focused lights on the table in the room.

Eye Care Tips

* The distance from the screen to the eyes should usually be between 30 and 50 centimeters.

* The top-end of the computer or laptop screen should be in line with your eyes. It must be obeyed when you are standing in your place. So you don’t have to look up or down.

* There should be no reflector on the screen of computer or laptop. The screen does not reflect the surrounding windows or bulbs. Laptop screen matte finish is good for eyes.

* Take regular breaks from work. Go to an open place in the open air and take 20 big breaths. Remove the eyelids 20 times and move the eyes more than 20 feet. Refresh yourself like this and go back to work.

* Adequate hours of sleep is essential in daily routine. Sleep in a dark room because even if light enters through the eyelids, it can interfere with sleep.

* Rinse your eyes thoroughly with filtered water before going to bed and before waking up in the morning.

* Do not use ‘Surma’ or ‘Kajal’. Before using the Kajal pencil or makeup item used around the eyes, make sure that part of it does not get inside the eye.


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