What is the correct rule to eat eggs ?, How many eggs to eat a day, why eat eggs? Find out the benefits, why eat eggs? Find out the benefits of eggs and the various nutrients, why eat eggs 'why' ?


Subject: Why eat eggs? Know the benefits of eggs and various nutritional value

Eggs have many benefits  . However, many people do not know about the proper nutritional value of eggs, there are many misconceptions. To stay healthy, experts recommend eating one egg a day. Eggs have benefits for all ages, from children to the elderly. However, many people do not want to eat eggs due to allergies.
The topic of this year's lifestyle discussion is about the benefits of eggs and various nutrients. Moreover, I will know about the demand for eggs at what age.

Why eat eggs?

Eggs have various nutritional and health benefits. This is because eggs contain certain ingredients that make them more effective than other natural foods. Because a normal size egg contains about 143 grams of calories. In addition, carbohydrates 0.62 g, protein 12.56 g, fat 9.51 g, phosphorus 198 mg, potassium 138 mg and zinc 1.29 mg are found. As it is more than other natural foods, the nutritional value of eggs is higher than others.

The benefits of eggs

পাওয়া Energy is available:
One boiled egg in the morning is enough to get energy in the body by eliminating the fatigue of the day. Basically, the vitamins obtained from eggs provide this energy. Vitamin B from eggs converts all the food we eat into energy As a result, eating a boiled egg in the morning can keep you energetic throughout the day.

সমাধান Solve eye problems: Vitamin A is found in eggs. Vitamin A has a special role in improving eyesight. Moreover, carotenoids and lutein are found in eggs. With age, macular degeneration is a major problem in the eye, which is greatly reduced by carotenoids and lutein. Cataracts are less likely to occur.

Prevents cancer:
Cancer is one of the deadly diseases. It can be seen that at present, the treatment of this disease is expensive in every household. Many times death can occur if the disease is not treated at an early stage.
However, vitamin E from eggs destroys our cells and the free radical cells in our skin. As a result, the chances of getting cancer are greatly reduced.
Moreover, eating one egg regularly during the puberty period reduces the risk of breast cancer.

জন্য For girls to stay healthy:
A girl's body needs 50% -60% protein per day to stay healthy, which is able to provide from eggs. Because 80-90 grams of calories from one egg can make 8.5 grams of protein.
So girls need to eat one egg every day to stay healthy.

নে Muscle pain relief: Not
only age, but also young age can cause muscle pain. Vitamin-D is very useful in relieving muscle pain. And we get vitamin-D from eggs very easily. So it is necessary to eat eggs to strengthen the muscles. Besides, those who exercise regularly are also advised to eat eggs regularly.

• Keeps the heart healthy:
The heart is the main part of the body. So the heart must be kept healthy. Studies have shown that eggs prevent blood clots in the heart. So playing eggs regularly reduces the chances of heart attack. Besides, it keeps the blood circulation in the whole body active and normal

Controls Cholesterol: It is
very important to control cholesterol. In that case eggs play a good role. The omega-3s in eggs help control cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels by about 10%.

উৎপ Origin of amino acids:
Protein is extremely beneficial for human body. But do we know the main source of this protein?
The main source of protein is amino acids. Protein is made up of 21 amino acids. Of which 12 amino acids are produced in the body but the remaining 9 amino acids have to be collected from outside. And I provide eggs.

রাখতে To keep the nails well: A common problem of nails is broken nails. Nails can be broken for various reasons, one of which is not taking care of the nails. But when there is a deficiency of sulfur, the nails become weak and start breaking. On the other hand, sulfur is found in eggs. So you can eat eggs every day to keep your nails strong, beautiful and white. RELATED POSTS

দূর Eliminates anemia:
There are many people who suffer from anemia. Most girls suffer from anemia due to anemia. And iron protects against this anemia. And iron is found in eggs.
Therefore, girls suffer from anemia due to bleeding during the period, become tired. So playing eggs regularly during the period eliminates that fatigue.

বৃদ্ধি Increases immunity: If you have frequent colds, coughs or fevers, you will understand that immunity has decreased. Eggs play a vital role in increasing disease resistance. This is because the zinc in eggs strengthens the body's community system.

রাখ Keeps bones and teeth strong:
Many people are seen to have arthritis pain. Rheumatoid arthritis is mainly caused by weakening or decay of bones. However, phosphorus is needed to strengthen bones. Phosphorus also helps in strengthening the teeth. Phosphorus is found in eggs.
So it is necessary to eat eggs every day to keep bones and teeth strong.

Controls weight:
We often eat extra food without following the rules which leads to weight gain. But eggs will prevent this excess weight gain. Because eggs are able to reduce the 400 calories in the body, so the weight is under control.

Misconceptions about egg yolks

Everyone has a common misconception about egg yolks. That is, those who have high cholesterol in their egg yolks should be allowed to eat eggs without yolk for those who have coronary heart disease or high cholesterol levels in their blood. But now scientific research has shown that the cholesterol in egg yolks does not increase blood cholesterol levels and is not associated with coronary heart disease.
Eating eggs with yolk every day is beneficial for all of us. Half of the nutrients in a whole egg come from the yolk. In addition, Kusum contains some beneficial elements such as folate, choline, vitamin-A, vitamin-D, vitamin-E, latin and G-xanthine. Therefore, it is more beneficial for us to play one egg per day with the yolk, not excluding the yolk.

Rules for eating eggs at different ages

Doctors usually recommend eating eggs from the age of one year. Protein from eggs plays a vital role in the growth and development of the baby's body. In addition, the choline in the egg yolk helps in the development of the baby's brain. In addition, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Iron are essential nutrients for the development of children.
However, in the case of children, one egg can be eaten daily from one year onwards and two eggs daily after three years.

Adolescent: At
this age various physical and mental changes are seen. Moreover, the effectiveness of hormones and enzymes increases, the study pressure increases. As a result, the demand for nutrients increases. So it is healthy to eat two eggs daily to meet the demand for nutrients.

Adults: At
this age the workload is a little higher. As a result, eating at the right time or following the right diet chart. As a result many times suffer from malnutrition. To eliminate malnutrition, adults can eat two eggs with yolks per day and only the white part without yolks.

Pregnant mother:
Normally a pregnant mother has more nutritional needs than a normal human being. Eggs play an important role in the proper formation and development of the embryo. In addition, eggs contain most of the nutrients needed to prevent anemia during pregnancy, as well as all the nutrients needed for the proper formation of fetal bones, brain, and various body parts.
Moreover, eggs also play a good role in resolving various birth defects.

From the above discussion it is known that there are many benefits of eggs. Therefore, it is very important for people of all ages, from infants to adults, to eat eggs regularly.

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