Oral s-e-x spreads bacterial vaginosis in a woman's vagina, oral s-e-x spreads 'BV' disease in a woman's body


According to a study, oral sex can cause a bacterial infection called Bacterial Vaginosis or BV. The study was published in the journal Plus Biology and states that the disease is transmitted to the female body through oral sex. News BBC.

However, BV is not a sexually transmitted disease. Bacteria that are common in a woman's vagina or vagina can cause BV if there is a lack of balance. People who suffer from this disease may not have any symptoms of BV in their body. However, foul smelling juice is secreted from their vagina.

In this study, scientists have tried to find out the effect of the bacteria that are present in the human mouth on the female genitals.

According to the study, BV is not a serious disease. However, women who become infected with BV can become infected with other sexually transmitted diseases and develop urinary tract infections. In case of childbearing women, women with BV are at risk of having premature births.

Your doctor will tell you if you have VV. The presence of BV can be confirmed by examining a sample of vaginal juice.

New research shows that women who do not have BV also have a lot of 'good' bacteria in their vagina. These are called lactobacilli. They reduce the pH level and keep the acidic feeling of the vagina. But sometimes when this healthy balance is lost, the reproduction of other germs in the vagina increases. It is not clear why this happened. However, BV can be for the following reasons

Your sex life is very busy (Women who don't have sex can also have BV.)

Your sexual partner has changed

You use IUD birth control

You use perfume around your vagina

According to research published in the journal Plus Biology, bacterial vaginosis can be caused by gum disease or the presence of dental plaque in the human oral cavity.

Scientists have conducted research on human vaginas and rats to find out about the harmful behavior of these bacteria. They found that a special bacterium - Fusobacterium nucleatum - helps in the reproduction of BV-related bacteria.

The University of California involved in this study. According to Amanda Lewis and her colleagues, oral sex can sometimes cause bacterial vaginosis in a woman's vagina.

Different types of sexual intercourse between two women, including lesbian relationships, can lead to BV - not unknown to experts.

Professor Claudia Eastcourt, a spokeswoman for the British Association of Sexual Health, said the study would help scientists understand bacterial vaginosis.

Whether or not there are other problems, oral sex can transmit sexually transmitted germs and various types of bacteria to the female organ.


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