Here are some home remedies for itching, easy way to get rid of itching, get rid of any itching and skin diseases of the body in just 1 night


In today's post we will see how to get rid of itching. Scabies is a skin disease caused by a bacterium called Sarcoptes scabei. The main symptoms are itching and rashes on the body. The disease is usually caused by touch. Moreover, the disease can be caused by using the clothes, towels, bed sheets and pillows used by the patient. Children in particular are more susceptible to the infection. Symptoms of a first infection usually occur within two to six weeks. Symptoms of a second infection can begin within 24 hours. . The itching intensifies at night.

Itching is a feeling that tends to scratch where it occurs. Itching can be caused by allergies, problems with the body's immune system, side effects of any medication, or any other underlying health condition. Itching can be of different types. It is very easy to recognize them by looking at their appearance or knowing the reason for their occurrence. The most common causes are rashes, hives, fungal infections and insect bites. People with dry skin have more itching. It has some visual symptoms, such as redness, inflammation, swelling, and blistering. Itching is not usually a serious symptom but if it persists for a long time, itching can be seen as a symptom of some serious illness, such as kidney or liver failure. There are a number of effective treatment for itching that can be started once the cause of itching is known. These include topical ointments and herbal remedies. Home remedies can also provide temporary relief.

Treatment of Itching - Treatment of Itching in Bengali

After diagnosing the cause of the itching, the treatment may be as follows:

Corticosteroid cream

These medicated creams have a soothing and healing effect on the skin. These creams do not allow the skin to become dry, so it helps to reduce itching. These usually contain 1% hydrocortisone. It is not advisable to use this steroid-containing cream without doctor's advice and prescription.

Calcineurin inhibitors

These drugs can be used to treat itching in certain areas.


Antidepressants affect the body's hormones and therefore help to get rid of itching.

Ointment to relieve itching


A simple aloe vera gel can be recommended as a moisturizer to soothe sore skin and heal dry skin.


Antihistamines (usually food medications) are very helpful in reducing allergies. These stop the inflammation and so does the itching.

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Light treatment

Light treatment controls itching using UV light rays of a specified wavelength. This procedure is also called phototherapy. This treatment has to be taken more than once to get lasting results.

Ways to get rid of itching in the run chip

Treatment of underlying health conditions

Itching can also be controlled by treating health conditions related to kidney and liver or blood sugar levels. When the disease is treated, its symptoms also go away.

Lifestyle changes

Itching can be controlled by making some lifestyle changes:

Avoid all substances that cause itching.

Apply medicated ointment to the itchy area. These are readily available at drug stores. These ointments soothe dry and sore skin.

Do not scratch the affected area. If it is a fungal infection, the itching will damage the skin and the infection will spread to other places. In case of itching, the germs under the nails will go to the place of itching and increase the inflammation.

Reduce stress. When stress increases, our body's immune system is activated, resulting in itching and other allergies.

Here are some home remedies for itching

Baking soda

Baking soda is extremely useful in preventing itching. Bathing with baking soda in lukewarm water during bathing greatly reduces itching of the body. In this case 1 cup of baking soda should be mixed in a basin and 1/2 cup of baking soda should be mixed in a big bucket of water. After soaking the body for at least 30 minutes in water mixed with baking soda, the body should be dried without rinsing with water.

Lemon juice contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that help reduce itchy skin. It is also very easy to use lemon juice to cure itching. Apply lemon juice on the affected area of ​​the skin and dry it. The itching will subside in a short time.

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Basil leaves

Basil leaves contain eugenol which is an anesthetic ingredient. This ingredient helps reduce itching. Extract 15/20 basil leaves in one mug of boiling water. Then apply the water on a clean towel and apply it on the itchy area while it is still warm. You will feel quite comfortable in a while.

Mint leaves

Mint leaves also have anesthetic and inflammatory ingredients. Mint leaves are also very useful as an antidote to itching. Make an extract by burning one ounce of mint leaves in one mug of boiling water. Then apply this water on the itchy area.

The itching will subside in a short time.

Aloe vera

Everyone knows about the use of aloe vera in skin care. There is no aloe vera remedy for itching. Apply the juice from a fresh aloe vera leaf to the itchy area of the skin. The itching will subside in a short time.


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