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The baby does not want to sleep? Learn some easy ways to put baby to sleep, talk about baby health, 7 proven ways to put baby to sleep easily

 Studies have shown that 30% to 40% of children have sleep problems. So the task of sending the child to sleep becomes very painful and annoying for the parents. But do not be disappointed! Although the problem is very difficult to deal with, there are some methods that, if applied, will easily bring sleep to the child's eyes and will not disturb sleep in the middle of the night.

Learn 7 proven ways to put your baby to sleep easily

We are looking for new strategies for the new parents, so that the extra stress on them is reduced to some extent. Here are six strategies proven in the study that will increase the quality of sleep of the child.

1. Specify the time of sleep

Bathing at regular intervals, singing sleep songs, reading stories, and even changing clothes are all signs of sleep. Taking it to bed at the same time every day for hours on end gradually becomes a habit. At least 1 hour before bedtime, keep the baby away from sports, loud noises, flashing or electronic gadgets like phones or tabs.

2. Physical touch is important

Physical touch is very important for children. Research shows that this keeps the baby calm and the wires go to sleep faster. Another study found that children who were deprived of parental touch secreted the stress hormone cortisol - which can lead to many more problems, including sleep problems.

Therefore, if the child does not get enough physical contact during the day, then it is normal that he will not be able to sleep at the right time at night. The more hugs and kisses a child gets during the day, the more likely he is to fall asleep at the right time at night.

3. Provide soft lighting

Intense light gives a clear signal to our brain: stay awake. But researchers have given specific instructions on how to turn on the light at night to sleep better. The blue color of white light plays a special role in disturbing sleep. This is because it prevents us from feeling comfortable and releasing the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. The same goes for children.

When the baby's sleep is approaching, turn off the intense light and turn on the soft light. Talk in a low voice, whispering makes the baby fall asleep faster.

4. Accompany him

Accompany the baby before putting him to sleep. Slowly begin to remove yourself from there. According to researchers and sleep experts, this method is proven for all newborns and young children. In the case of a newborn, stay by his side until he falls asleep. After 3 weeks, start increasing your distance from being by your side while sleeping.

5. Use the ‘cry control’ method

Accustomed to this method, the child gradually learns to fall asleep on his own. The name of the method also matches the work. This method is quite effective for teaching the baby to sleep alone. Only after hearing the sound of the baby crying will the parents approach to stop crying. But from a distance, you always have to make sure that he is fine.

. Postponing sleep

This is a little different from all the previous methods. Instead of delaying sleep time here, you should postpone it for a few days. If you take half an hour to 1 hour back from the time you are trying to make your child fall into the habit of falling asleep every day, the child will start falling asleep. Doing this for a few days will bring him back to his previous sleep routine. You will see that he will fall asleep at the right time as in the previous routine.

. Tell beautiful stories

Children living in the real world as well as in the realm of imagination. They live in the world of imagination all the time. So at least 70.5% of children have nightmares and start crying in the middle of the night. To escape from this, before going to sleep, tell him beautiful stories, which create a feeling of joy. As a result, the child will fall asleep with joy, there will be no feeling of fear.

Have you benefited from any other beautiful and effective method of putting your baby to sleep? If so, you can let us know. We want to let our readers know that.

Stay healthy, love yourself and family. Let us know in the comments below how you feel about our writing and if you have any questions. Please share to get the post to your friends. Thank you so much for reading the whole post.

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