Liver Cirrhosis What are the causes of Liver Cirrhosis What are the symptoms of Liver Cirrhosis Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis Prevention of Liver Cirrhosis

 Causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of liver cirrhosis. Liver Cirrhosis in Bengali

The liver is considered to be the second major organ of our body, so we should take special care of our body. Liver failure causes many problems. Such as fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis etc. Today we will tell you about liver cirrhosis, liver cirrhosis is a condition where a person's liver gradually begins to fail. After which the liver becomes unable to do its job properly. The liver performs many important functions in our body such as removing harmful substances,

Cleansing the blood and making nutrients. If the liver is slightly damaged, it corrects itself. In this, scar tissue is formed which converts the liver into healthy tissue. However, if cirrhosis of the liver begins to increase, blood flow begins to decrease and the liver slows down.

The main cause may be hepatitis or alcohol addiction. Before treating cirrhosis, the doctor may perform some tests, including biopsies, blood tests, and imaging tests. The treatment of cirrhosis is not easy, so first you should try to know the symptoms and then a liver transplant is recommended so as not to increase the complications. Let us further explain the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of liver cirrhosis.

What are the causes of Liver Cirrhosis (What are the causes of Liver Cirrhosis in Bengali)

What are the symptoms of liver cirrhosis? (What are the symptoms of Liver Cirrhosis in Bengali)

What is the treatment for liver cirrhosis? (Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis in Bengali)

How to prevent liver cirrhosis? (Prevention of Liver Cirrhosis in Bengali)

What are the causes of Liver Cirrhosis?

The main reasons for the deterioration of the liver condition are prolonged alcohol consumption and excess fat accumulation in the liver or chronic hepatitis. Liver cirrhosis can cause other diseases. (Read more - Hepatitis B Key) The problem of liver cirrhosis increases rapidly after drinking alcohol. Therefore, taking excessive amounts of alcohol reduces the liver’s ability to function and ultimately worsens the liver.

There may be other causes of cirrhosis.

The bile duct is weak.

Excess iron accumulation.

Wilson's disease.

Hereditary digestive problems.

Bile duct defects.

Excessive use of certain drugs.

What are the symptoms of liver cirrhosis? (What are the symptoms of Liver Cirrhosis in Bengali)

Symptoms of liver cirrhosis may initially be normal but may progress to more severe symptoms.

Common Symptoms of Early Cirrhosis - Feeling tired.



Pain when touching the place of the liver.


Hand redness.

Blood cells begin to appear on the upper skin of the lower abdomen.

Weight loss.

Symptoms of increased cirrhosis - dizziness.

Bleeding gums.

Thickening of urine

Decreased sexual desire.

Hair loss.

Bleeding nausea.

Bleeding from the nose.

Muscle barrier.

Heartbeat fast.

Memory problems.

Shoulder pain.

Frequent fever. (

What is the treatment for liver cirrhosis? (Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis in Bengali)

Liver cirrhosis is treated based on the causes. If there is an initial problem, the speed of the scar is reduced to stop. So that leads to more complications. If liver cirrhosis develops, hospitalization may be required. Let us describe in more detail.

People with liver cirrhosis are advised not to consume alcohol, as alcohol and drugs damage the liver.

A person with liver cirrhosis should consult a doctor before starting a new medication. However, taking the wrong medication increases the risk of liver cirrhosis.

People with cirrhosis must get the hepatitis A, B vaccine. Both infections cause cirrhosis of the liver. In addition, people with cirrhosis should have a blood test.

Patients may be given certain medications to reduce the symptoms of liver cirrhosis. So that the symptoms can be reduced. The patient should have regular checkups.

If the liver fails completely, the final treatment is a liver transplant. Liver transplant is a surgery where the diseased area is removed and a healthy liver is removed. A healthy liver is considered a gift from someone else. (Read more - The Benefits of Coconut for the Liver)

How to prevent liver cirrhosis? (Prevention of Liver Cirrhosis in Bengali)

The following steps can be taken to prevent liver cirrhosis.

If you have cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol consumption, you should stop taking alcohol. Alcohol quickly damages the liver.

You should include healthy foods in your diet, including fresh green vegetables and fruits. Reduce oil and more spicy foods. Eat less tea and coffee.

A person should avoid hepatitis on his own to avoid liver disease. Both hepatitis B and C infections are caused by unprotected sex or by useful injections. Condoms can be used to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and always use a new needle without using another person's used needle.

If a person has alcoholic fatty liver disease, you should maintain a healthy weight. Because cirrhosis can develop due to liver problems, exercise daily and eat a balanced diet. . (Read more - Fatty Lever key)

Homeo solution

Not the disease, the patient is treated. For this reason, if any of the early and severe symptoms of liver cirrhosis appear, a doctor should be consulted without neglect. Homeopathy treatment is possible by the grace of God if the patient with liver cirrhosis is treated in the initial stage.

If you want to get more information and treatment about liver cirrhosis, you can contact a Hepatologist.

Our purpose is to provide you with information. No medication, treatment or home remedies are recommended. Your doctor can give you good advice.


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