Breast Cancer or Breast Cancer: What are the symptoms that can be understood, the 6 mistakes that are caused by breast cancer in girls, how to understand breast cancer?

Breast cancer is now a terror to women all over the world. And its incidence is increasing day by day. Conventional cancer drugs are not working lately. Most of the conventional chemotherapy is not able to control this disease. So breast cancer (Breast cancer) is increasing the concern of doctors day by day. But you know what? Forgetting some of the daily habits increases the risk of breast cancer? Breast cancer

The 7 mistakes that girls make are due to breast cancer

Let's take a look at 7 bad habits that greatly increase your risk of breast cancer.

না Not using the right size bra according to the size of the breast greatly increases the risk of breast cancer. Breasts larger than the size of the breast may not support the breast tissues properly and extra small or tight bras can damage the fluid lymph nodes of the breast.

পরে Difficulty sweating due to wearing bra all the time, accumulation of moisture, all together increases the risk of breast cancer. Try not to use bra in Tuku while staying at home.

রাখা Placing food in a plastic box and especially heating it in the oven can play a direct role in increasing the risk of breast cancer. Use glassware instead. And if you want to use plastic, make sure it is food grade.

প্রায় Almost everyone uses deodorant to avoid the smell of sweat! But when buying this deodorant, keep in mind the ingredients. Having an aluminum-based material greatly increases the risk of breast cancer. Since you use deodorant every day, it is very important to be careful about this.

ব্যবহার Do not buy cheap hair dyes from the store, whatever the use of different hair colors to adapt to the latest fashion. It can cause hair loss, as well as breast cancer due to harmful chemicals used in it. So use a good brand of herbal hair color. And it is best to use mehndi. Mehndi is good for hair as well as it has no side effects.

ব্যবহার The use of air freshener to remove bad smell in the house is becoming popular day by day. But it also has a direct link to breast cancer, a plasticizing chemical called phthalate, which helps make the fragrance last longer.

Instead, throw a piece of cinnamon in boiling water. Now look, the house is not spreading fragrance! We use naphthalene to protect our wardrobe from insects. Many people also leave naphthalene in the sink and sink to avoid bad smell in the bathroom.

But it is made entirely of harmful chemicals, which not only keep insects away, but also increase your risk of breast cancer manifold. Instead, dry the neem leaves and wrap them in paper. Get the same benefits.

The chemicals in the kitchen sink or cabinet that you are cleaning with the colored liquid cleaner can increase the incidence of not only breast cancer, but also migraines and allergies. So you can clean it with vinegar or baking soda without using this chemical cleaner.

Stay healthy, love yourself and family. Let us know in the comments below how you feel about our writing and if you have any questions. Please share to get the post to your friends. Thank you so much for reading the whole post.

Although breast cancer is a deadly disease, it is actually possible to cure it by knowing it at an early stage. Therefore, in addition to self-examination, there is an ultrasonogram or mammogram method.

In this regard, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology. Krishna Rupa Majumder said that in the context of Bangladesh, breast cancer in women and men, prostate cancer or lung cancer and oral cancer is the second most common cancer in the world. In women, breast cancer and cervical cancer come first. So, how do we prevent this? This is actually a very big issue in our case.

“How many people can we reach out to just through seminars or symposiums or through magazines? And in the case of breast cancer, patients often do not come to the doctor feeling ashamed due to lack of awareness. Another thing is that other cancer patients may have been aware during the long 1 year. But those who have a wheel on their breast, they want to come to the doctor out of embarrassment, but do not stand in front of them as a huge wall. In that case they told the husband for a while and they alerted the wives and brought them to the doctor. However, in some cases, exceptions may be seen. It is completely curable if you seek medical help at an early stage. That's why we say, 'Early detection saves life'. Cancer means that there is no such thing as a terminal illness. However, in order to cure it completely, it is necessary to consult a doctor in the early stages of breast cancer and take the complete treatment of it step by step.

When should breast cancer patients see a doctor?

In this regard, Dr. Krishna Rupa Majumder said family members with a history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer should be screened from the age of 30. And those who do not have a family history If there is a lump in the breast, the fluid comes out through the nipple or if it gets inside the nipple, you should contact the doctor. Many do not understand the wheel again. For example, those who are a little healthier, those whose breasts are a little heavier or those who have conceived or lactating mothers (lactating mothers) often do not understand the wheel.

Breasts can change a lot in pregnant mothers. For that reason, even if there is a wheel, it is not understood. So those who are or will be conceiving must have at least one ultrasonogram on the breast, so that it is understood if there is breast cancer. But the wheel of breast cancer does not cause pain. So it continues to grow slowly like an assassin. When it gets too big, it catches the skin, the juice comes out through the nipple. Then it causes pain. That is why it has reached a risky stage. That's why at least one ultrasonogram should be done before and after the baby. There is no need to take mammogram and take radiation. Although a mammogram is a test for very low radiation.

In addition, an ultrasonogram and mammography must be performed once in 50 years. And those who have breast augmentation, if they see a simple mammography, they can understand if it is not cancer but if it is likely to happen later.

How to do the test if you feel the wheel on the breast?

In this regard, Dr. Krishna Rupa Majumder said, "If we could bring self-breast examination or all these procedures to the doorsteps of all women or teach them, they would come to us at an early stage even if the number of breast cancer cases does not decrease." This test is very simple and any woman can test it on her own during her bath or in the washroom. If there is such a wheel, if a woman touches her mammary gland or breasts clockwise or anticlockwise, then she must feel something unusual. When doing this test, the palms of the hands should be kept straight without bending. With the exception of the big toe, the other four fingers should be pressed together on the breast to see if anything unusual is understood. It can be done at any time. However, if you do this test 7 days before or 7 days after menstruation, if there is any wheel in the breast, then it is seriously understood.

Also, if you soak a little in soapy water and circle around the breast, it can be understood if there is abnormality or wheels. These tests are usually best done by standing in front of a mirror. And in most cases, the patients came and said that there was a wheel in the breast. In that case they come to the diagnosis and it plays a very important role. That is why they need to be given this knowledge, so that they can understand themselves in the very early stages of breast cancer and come to the doctor. And then we too can easily cure it completely.



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