You will be surprised to know this information about Penis Myth and Reality, Pen*is!

You will be surprised to know this information about Penis Myth and Reality, Pen*is!

"Penis Myth and Reality"

The boys exaggerate three things. Penis size, body height and salary. Girls reduce - age, waist size and weight.

The male penis is a vital organ. There is nothing to think obscene, there is nothing to laugh. If a man is told - I will give a hundred billion dollars in one hand, hey

I will cut off your baby with one hand, no man will agree.

However, what is the average size of the manik of these seven kings of men. According to a study in the famous Science Journal, there are two sizes of this organ in men around the world.

 One when lying down, the other when standing up. If lying down, the average size is 3.8 inches in length. The funny thing is that it is about 3.6 inches in diameter because it is twisted while lying down! And when it stands up, it is 5.2 inches in length and 4.5 inches in circumference.

Studies have shown that 5 out of every 100 men stand up, but are smaller than four inches. However, eighty percent of the world's men have five and a half to six inches of penis erect. Only 5% of men have penises above seven inches. The penis, which is not more than two and a half inches in length, is called micro penis in the language of medical science. It is sometimes some hormonal defect, sometimes congenital. There is treatment.

On average, the penis wakes up three to five times during sleep each night after becoming an adult. However, it does not feel like it is more time to dream. This is normal. It keeps the size of the penis right. On the contrary, if he does not wake up in the middle of the night, he should understand that he is suffering from erection complications. Couples who are suffering from this problem of their partner, before going to the doctor, make sure among themselves whether he sometimes feels like waking up in his sleep.

Another interesting thing in the study is that if the size of men's shoes is bigger, the size of the penis will not be bigger. The size of the thing has nothing to do with the size of the body. Men's accessories six feet high can be smaller than a pen cap, or as narrow as a pencil.

There are no bones in the penis! Even then there is a problem in medical science called broken penis. The man broke his penis. Especially when men fall out of bed!

One study found that long-term regular smokers

 The penis is about half an inch shorter than before smoking.

Another part of the study commented: More than half of men regret their penis size all their lives, why didn't Arettu grow up!

 A study by the NHS Health Department in England found that 50% of men are dissatisfied with their penis size, while 75% of women are satisfied with their partner's penis size. Finding out the reason for this, it was found that the size of the boys is more important than the size of the boys in the enjoyment of sex, but also how much the man is able to attract and arouse her. As a result, even if men play with small bats, women are happy if they can hit sixes just like that. Girls are more aroused to romance, delicate handling, deep feelings, sensitivity, environment, trust and security and the personality of the man than the size of the male penis during sex.

However, another survey found that girls prefer girth over length. But eighty percent of men are worried about his height. If you are fit and healthy, the girth stays good.

Here’s a fun twist. Girls prefer tall boys in the hope of tall things, even though it seems subconscious. In reality there is no connection between the length of the body and the length of the penis. Satisfied with clitoral fillings rather than pineratrotic fillings in bed. Then the width gives more work than the length.

At birth, the baby's penis lies about an inch. Is five inches between the ages of five. At the age of thirteen to fifteen it rises and grows, when it is about four inches. After eighteen years it is not so big. However, after the age of sixty, it shrinks a little.

Many men are born with two penises! This is due to a birth defect. The problem is called diphallus in the language of medical science. One out of every five million men has this problem. It has to be cut by an operation. Priprism is a problem in many men once the penis rises for five or six hours, not to name, with a lot of pain.

Men have one control over the penis, not another. The male can control the erection through the brain and a part of the erection of the penis depends on the brain. But ejaculation has no control over the male brain or any other part. You can't stop when it starts. Many people can lengthen time by learning art from experience and diverting it before it starts.

There are thousands of advertisements for penis enlargement pills, gels and tonics in the market. All of them are fake, none of them actually work. Do not be deceived by these.

There are two ways to make it bigger in medical science.

. Physical method.

. Surgical method.

The physical method can be extended by an inch with two devices and one exercise. Vacuum device and penis traction device. And gelking exercises. As much as it increases in the device, not so much in the exercise.

There are two surgical methods to increase the length and girth. This can be made an inch and a half long and half an inch thick. However, there are many risks to the operation.

The best method -

1. Lowering the stomach. The angle of the fat belly of men reduces the length of their accessories. The Himalayas of the lower abdomen could not reach the destination at that time.

2. Stay active and fit.

3. Eat good food.

4. Regular pubic hair saving. As the thick bushes of the Amazon grow, things get smaller.

Whatever the size, the quality of enjoyment depends on you. Be content with what you have. Care for the partner

Do, love and keep the body healthy. Life will be beautiful.


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