I am a blood donor. What are the instructions for vaccinating or donating blood? Do you get vaccinated or do you have heart problems or do many die?

 Mass vaccination has started all over the country. Different common in this case

Q: I have diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies or hapani. Can I get vaccinated?

A: Of course you can. Those who have these diseases should be vaccinated first. Because they are in the risk zone.

I had covid positive or laxman but did not test. Can I get vaccinated?

A: Of course you can, but 28 days after the onset of positive cough or fever symptoms.

Vaccination or heart problems or many are dying?

A: Common side effects of any vaccine with a slight fever or pain. It goes without saying that there is no possibility of death. A very small number of patients developed mild heartburn after receiving a specific vaccine, but also recovered quickly. Therefore, it is better to refrain from these baseless thoughts.

I am a blood donor. What are the instructions for vaccination or blood transfusion?

A: You can also give vaccines, you can also donate blood. However, you can donate blood 28 days after the vaccine. Not within 28 days.

My fever and body aches again after the vaccine. The reason?

A: Corona can be infected even after vaccination. In that case the effect of corona is very low, it heals a little. Fever can also be caused by other diseases such as dengue or typhoid.

References: WHO, CDC


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