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Covid vaccine for pregnant and lactating women, Covid vaccine: What are the risks for pregnant and lactating women?

 Covid vaccine for pregnant and lactating women

The person receiving the vaccine for the first three months of pregnancy has their own opinion.

The vaccine is safe for pregnant and lactating women.

The vaccine can be given at any time during pregnancy.

When the delivery date came forward, he was not vaccinated a few days ago

Vaccination should be given after delivery.

The vaccine can be given at any time of breastfeeding, it is not likely to harm the mother and baby.

The risk of coronary heart disease increases during postpartum and postpartum hospitalization.

Immune system is weak during pregnancy, the risk is also high.

130,000 pregnant women in the United States and 4,000 in England received the vaccine, with no side effects.

Those who already have low immunity should be vaccinated first.

All developed countries have approved and are bringing pregnant and lactating mothers under vaccination.

One vaccine can save two lives.

There is no substitute for masks, physical distance, ticks to survive covid.

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