Sugar-free mango on the market is good news for diabetics


Sugar-free mango on the market is good news for diabetics

Busy with diabetes? Blood sugar has risen in such a way, are you upset in this season full of mango season? This time ‘Sugar Free’ is here for diabetic patients like you!

Strange as it may sound, such mangoes have been marketed cheaply. But not in this country. If you want to reach that mango, you have to migrate to Pakistan.

Yes, Ghulam Sarwar, the grandson of Pakistan's legendary fruit researcher MH Panwar, did it. He has invented three species of sugar free mango. Three types of mangoes are being sold in the market at the Indian price of Rs 60 per kg. Their names are Sonaro, Glenn and Kate.

 This mango was made after five years of relentless research. Kate's sugar content is the highest at 4.6 percent. Of the remaining gold and glen, the sugar content is 5.6 percent and 6 percent, respectively. Sindhri and Chausa mango season has just ended in Pakistan. This sugar free mango will be available till the end of August.

Speaking to the media in this regard, Ghulam Sarwar said that the government of Pakistan had given the title of Sitara-e-Imtiaz to my grandfather for his research on mango and banana.

 After his death I continued to work and research on him with various foreign mangoes.

Ghulam said he conducted the study on his own initiative. The Pak government did not help. However, he said that the development of the country was behind his invention of mango. For now, Ghulam wants to spread this mango not only in the country but also abroad.

These are not the only three types of mangoes. In all, his farm is on 300 acres of land with 44 different varieties of mangoes.

 He is working for more innovations in mango production in the coming days.


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