Strategies to persuade unmarried girls to have s-e-x, what are the ways to persuade them to have s-e-x?


Sexual intercourse or intercourse is a biological act, where husband and wife are intimately close to each other. Although the sexual arousal is a little higher in girls, they cannot accept the criticism of the society, family and relatives and cannot show shame or show interest. So it is very advisable for men to know the technique of persuading girls to have sex or the way to persuade them to have sex.

Before mastering the technique of persuading girls to have intercourse, it is very important to know the benefits of intercourse, the right time for intercourse, that is, it is very important for a man to have knowledge of intercourse. So in today's discussion we will look at:

Benefits of intercourse:

1. Everyday intercourse or sexual intercourse relieves mental fatigue as well as physical fatigue.

2. Having sex every day increases the number of IgA antibodies in the body and enables it to prevent disease.

3. Orgasm during sexual intercourse results in the body secreting endorphins which reduces body pain.

4. Each time you have sex, you lose 60 calories, which helps you lose weight.

5. Just as having sex at least two days a week reduces the chances of a heart attack in men, so in women, the release of excess estrogen during intercourse keeps the heart healthy.

. After sex, sleep is relaxed and peaceful, so the body feels much healthier and cleaner.

. Having sex at least 3 times a week externally helps reduce age wrinkles.

Exact timing of intercourse:

Having intercourse after eating guru can reduce digestion.

Sex in the morning can be harmful to the body.

You should not have sex immediately after going to bed at night.

After a short nap, the second watch of the night is the best time for intercourse.

Strategies to persuade girls to have sex:

Having sex between two people requires both to have respect, attachment and consent for each other. Therefore, the male partner should present himself to the beloved partner in such a way that the girl cannot have sex or consent without consent. Let's take a look at how a male partner agrees to have sex with his partner or girls:


Men are usually interested in sex. So women do not participate in sex ?? Women are equal partners in sexual intercourse. But women keep that interest dormant. So the male partner should arouse latent interest and persuade his wife or wife to have sex.


Usually women get heavenly bliss when they are completely satisfied with sexual intercourse. So if the man promises to give complete pleasure, then his wife or women consent to intercourse.


Many women panic in the name of intercourse. Therefore, the male partner should persuade his partner or wife to have sex by overcoming the fear of sexual intercourse and become his trust.


The biggest risk as a result of intercourse is getting pregnant. That is why men should use condoms to keep women free from the risk of pregnancy and to protect them from sexually transmitted infections.

Needless to say, in today's age of the internet, most men or women have sex before marriage, in which case the male partner's strategy of persuading girls to have sex can be as follows:

1. Integrity:

If you are in love or in love with someone, the attraction of both men and women towards each other can lead to the need for sexual intercourse, so the male partner can persuade his partner to have intercourse. However, one thing is very important in this case - you should not go to play love with a woman just to have sex.

2. Friendly behavior:

If you want to meet a girl, first treat the girl like a friend and build a mental connection. Become the girl's favorite person.

3. Become the man of choice:

Only if you become the person of choice will you be able to gradually become the person of the girl's choice. Talk to the girl, find out the girl's likes and dislikes. There is no need to tell that you are physically addicted to the girl even if you indicate a couple of mischiefs at night, but you will get off the girl's list of favorites.

4. Sexually arousing:

After becoming the girl's favorite person, gradually increase the naughty massage at night. You will see that the girl is responding to light sexual touch.

5. Intercourse:

Having sex chat with the girl means both of them can meet if they want. Remember one thing, if the girl agrees to have sex by responding to your call, don't jump on her first. First kiss her gently with a soft touch and arouse her with warm words then have sex.

If you want to get involved in sex by using the technique of persuading girls to have sex, you must know how to arouse girls in sex:

When a man's erect penis enters the vagina of a woman, sexual intercourse takes place. And intercourse will be successful only when the man arouses the woman to have sexual intercourse or sexual intercourse. Men must arouse girls before intercourse, otherwise girls will be dissatisfied.

Here are some ways to arouse girls:


The most important way to get women ready for sex or horny is touch. Women can be aroused and sensual only if they can be touched properly.


Most women are satisfied with the singer without going directly to sex. So give time to foreplay.


You can engage in pleasurable sexual obsessions with your partner by imagining sex during sexual intercourse or at other times.

Delay in direct match:

Women desire more sexually arousing things. Therefore, in order to increase a woman's sexual arousal, a woman's face, forehead and cheeks should be kissed and rubbed frequently.

Rubbing a woman's breasts and clitoris before intercourse increases her sexual arousal. Women become aroused when they are kissed, hugged and gently hit, stung and tortured. Women should have sex when they are aroused and gradually surrender to men.


As an alternative to the vibrator to arouse the woman, the man's cum arousal reaches its climax when the man creates a vibration with his middle finger in the G-spot (a very sensitive area inside the genitals) inside the woman's vagina. Then women have sex.

Satisfaction of sexual intercourse with girls:

Girls get satisfaction in intercourse by applying the technique of persuading girls to have intercourse (sex).

Men's ability to have sex should be increased to give extreme satisfaction to girls in intercourse.

It is necessary to apply the same poses in which the girls are satisfied without repeating the same poses in sexual intercourse or intercourse.

When a man can satisfy his partner with intercourse, the interest in intercourse with girls becomes strong.

Squeeze style, tensing style, pause and play style and doggy style and cowgirl style - all these styles satisfy girls in intercourse. After all, these poses are a great way to persuade girls to have sex. As a result, girls have orgasm as easily as men ejaculate during intercourse and women get heavenly bliss.

According to various news channels, references collected and expert information - the techniques discussed to persuade girls to have sex and the satisfaction of sexual intercourse. Like our page to know more juicy news of happy relationship between men and women.


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