Not everyone is bleeding for the first time, tips on wedding night


Basar Raat Tips: Sex on the wedding night is something that every girl dreams of. Could it be part of a sweet, amazing or painful experience in their lives? But no one can say the answer until they have experienced it. And if the bride is a virgin, no doubt, it will be one of her most memorable experiences. The stimuli and expectations that accompany the fear dominate the heart and mind of each bride.

Basar night tips

If you are also looking forward to your first sex, we have come up with some amazing basar night romantic tips to help you prepare for your wedding night. Hopefully these tips will make your married life memorable and exciting.

To be completely calm

It is true that when millions of sensations awaken your senses tonight, keeping your nerves calm becomes the most difficult task. But if you lose your coolness, it will only make you more excited. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. One thing is for sure, however, it is only conjectural. So the best way to prepare yourself is to relax and enjoy the night.

Not everyone is bleeding for the first time

The first time a woman has intercourse with a man, she bleeds. Because, during the first sex, her hymen is broken. This is only true if the thin membrane called hymen is intact in the case of that virgin girl. Because, this hymen of girls is broken for various reasons. Many girls do strenuous physical activity, such as cycling, water sports, riding, and so on. As a result their hymen may be torn and he may not even be aware of it. So, it is not uncommon for you not to bleed after having sex for the first time on your wedding night.

In fact, many men view their newlyweds with suspicion if they do not bleed on their wedding night. Girls should be aware of this. And don't look at the request of the male society with suspicion. It doesn't matter if the hymen is there or not, whether the girl cries or not. The main thing is to share the good things of the future with the person you have made your life partner, with whom you will spend your whole life in happiness and sorrow.

Do not expect perfection

Don't be fooled by what you see in Bollywood movies. Here, the shy and nervous bride spends the perfect night with her childhood groom. There are many things that can go wrong. So be prepared to make it a memorable night without aiming for perfection. You can enjoy a lot of self-confidence and effort, not just drugs. Don't panic if you don't do it first, keep trying, one time you can.

Make your wife your best friend

If you want to be the ideal husband, invite friendship. Free her from her shame and speak her mind first. Then, if you want to meet him, let him know first. In this he will be mentally prepared. Stress and fatigue rarely keep you calm and can be very difficult to wake up to in such a situation. Always remember: wet is always good!

And for this veggie you need to be excited enough to caress different sensitive parts of the body, such as - neck, neck, navel, lips, cheeks, etc. But it is best to hear from the wife's mouth. This can be one of the best night time tips.

Bring emotional stability

Be confident, don't run to the doctor unnecessarily. The risk of going to the doctor is that many people can take advantage of this opportunity to do the opposite harm to you. Many people go to Fraud again, or if they go there, their lives will be ruined. If there are any problems then try to get rid of them little by little, then if not, then go to the doctor. According to a study, 80% of men's problems are mental, so if you can keep yourself mentally fresh, you will be your own doctor.


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