Mayonnaise Recipe Make delicious mayonnaise at home very easily

 Mayonnaise Recipe Make delicious mayonnaise at home very easily

Nowadays it is very trendy mayonnaise with all foods. Many people now prefer mayonnaise over ketchup to eat meat or any grill. So you can make mayonnaise at home without buying it from a crazy shop. Mayonnaise can be made in a very simple way.

1 egg, (room temperature) salt powder milk sugar black pepper soybean oil Take a pot. Break an egg kept at room temperature in it. Then mix it with one teaspoon of salt, powdered milk, sugar like amount, black pepper, one teaspoon of soybean oil.

Then make the mixture well. If you have a hand blender at home, you can take the help of a blender. Otherwise, you have to crack it with your hands. Remember, if you do it by hand, you have to crack it for a long time. In between, you have to mix a little soybean oil.

Once you see that the color has turned white and has taken on a creamy shape, you will understand that the mayonnaise is ready. Remember, homemade mayonnaise is a little thinner than store-bought mayonnaise.

Many people complain that mayonnaise smells like oil. This smell is created by using old oil. You can use a little garlic to cut the smell. You can also mix mayonnaise with the flavor you like. However, the measurement must be understood and used.


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