Is it harmful to boil milk again and again ?, is it harmful to health to boil milk again and again?

Repeated boiling milk is harmful to health

When milk arrives at home, we first boil it, cool it and put it in the fridge. Be it raw milk or packets. Raw milk contains a variety of harmful bacteria.

When boiled, they die and digestive noise is reduced. Boiled milk stays good for a little longer. You can easily keep it in the fridge for three to four days. Khabar Anandabazar newspaper.

However, many people forget that the milk in the packet is 'pasteurized'. Or to put it simply, the more the bacteria die when boiled, the more the temperature has to be boiled.

It is then sold. There is no need to boil the milk that is sold, especially in Tetra packs. You can keep it outside until the seal is opened. There is no fear of getting worse.

But is there any problem in boiling that milk? No. You can boil the milk out of the fridge. There will be no harm in that.

However, according to experts, one milk should not be boiled more than 2-3 times. It is better to end it.

How to boil

Boiling milk may seem easy, but it is not. If milk is boiled on a very high flame, the bottom will be caught. So milk should be boiled slowly over medium heat. And if you see small bubbles on the side of the pot, you have to move it. Stir until the milk boils.

If it boils, you can remove the cream that will fall on top. There is no problem in playing. However, those who have digestive problems by drinking milk, this problem may increase by drinking this cream. So you can use it for beauty treatment. Will work great.

When milk is boiled over a high flame, the milk dries out and the protein becomes thicker. It can change the taste and color of milk.



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