How long before and after menstruation can you have s-e-x without a co-ndo-m? How to have s-e-x without a condom will not have children


How long before and after menstruation can you have s-e-x without a co-ndo-m? How to have s-e-x without a condom will not have children

If you have sexual intercourse during menstruation, there is no possibility of pregnancy, but it is better to refrain from sexual intercourse at this time. On a scientific basis, it is known that if you have sexual intercourse 7 days before and after menstruation, you are less likely to get pregnant and in the middle of it you are more likely to get pregnant.

Everyone relies on birth control pills or condoms for birth control. However, birth can be controlled completely naturally without modern methods. If you have an idea about this, there is no need to go to the doctors. The normal menstrual cycle of women is naturally determined. There are some days that are called safe days. Having sex these days does not pose a risk of pregnancy.

The days of the safe period are also naturally fixed. This is why it can be called natural family planning. Physicians often refer to it as a calendar method. To make this method work, you must know what are the safest days of the menstrual cycle.

For this method, the first thing to know is whether the menstrual cycle is regular. If so, how many days interval it is. At least 18 days should be deducted from the number of days after menstruation. This is the first unsafe day since the first day of the period. This is the last unsafe day from the first day of menstruation, except for 10 days, which is the longest period in a row.

Suppose your period is 28 to 20 days apart. However, 27-18 = 10, that is, about nine days after the start of the period is safe for you, these days it is possible to have intercourse effortlessly without using any method. Unsafe day starts from day 10. So from this day on sexual intercourse must be restrained.

30 days is the longest menstrual cycle. So 30-10 = 20, that is, day 20 is the last unsafe day. From the 21st day, sexual intercourse can be done freely again. There is no possibility of pregnancy. However, it can lead to pregnancy as a result of free intercourse in 10 to 20 days.

Simply put, it is safe to have sex during the first seven days of the period and the first seven days after the end. However, this method will not be effective if the period is not regular. Also, natural birth control is 80 percent safe.

Typically, periods of miscarriage, intercourse on unsafe days, infertile periods can result in natural contraceptive methods failing. Therefore, physicians need to be consulted at least once to know exactly.

Again, some men may not have success because of the long lifespan of sperm. In that case it is necessary to extend it by two days on the day of affection. Many call it programmed sex. Many people are skeptical about this, but once you get used to this method, it is much easier and more comfortable. The most important thing is that there are no side effects.


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