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why circumcision is done, male circumcision and identity mark


why circumcision is done, male circumcision and identity mark

circumcision or circumcision

First of all, what is circumcision? Circumcision is the removal of excess skin or foreskin covering the sensitive part of the foreskin of the penis.

Children are circumcised in different Muslim countries including Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. This culture has been going on in our Muslim society for hundreds of years.

Circumcision was also performed in England, America and Europe. It is taken seriously there. Consultant surgeons perform circumcision. Doctors often perform circumcision after the baby is born. Because they are healthier than us. In addition, if phimosis or para phimosis is a disease, circumcision must be done. Phimosis is when the skin on the side of the head of the penis covers the urethra in such a way that the urine of the child or patient cannot come out properly, the head of the penis becomes swollen during urination This can lead to urinary tract infections and even kidney damage.

Benefits of circumcision:

You may be surprised to know that circumcision has its benefits! The most important benefit is that circumcision can prevent cancer of the penis. Studies have shown that circumcision alone does not cause cancer among Muslims and Christians. A type of white substance accumulates under the extra skin of the head of the penis and this is responsible for cancer of the penis.

Modern health scientists consider male circumcision to be extremely healthy. Circumcision protects against a variety of fungal (bacterial) diseases. The main advantage of circumcision is that it allows the penis to get rid of the accumulated fluid on the foreskin of the penis, which creates a dirty condition.

One and a half thousand years ago, the Prophet (peace be upon him) spoke of circumcision, and after extensive research, modern science has acknowledged that circumcision has many benefits. Australian medical science professor has done excellent research on the benefits of circumcision. Brian Morris. Her study found that boys who were not circumcised were 4 to 10 times more likely to have kidney, bladder and urinary tract infections than boys who were circumcised. He thinks that circumcision can reduce at least one-fourth of urinary tract infections.

According to a report published in the journal Urology, urethritis is more common in children and can lead to kidney problems, fever and even blood infections. Even circumcision helps prevent AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. Penis cancer in the general sense is a disorder of uncleanliness. Studies have shown that uncircumcised men are more prone to this type of cancer than circumcised men.

In the West nowadays there is a growing interest in circumcision to avoid health risks. According to the World Health Organization, male circumcision plays an effective role in preventing HIV and AIDS. AIDS rates are relatively low in African countries where circumcision rates are high.


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