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Easy Ways To Make Pen*is Thicker And Harder


লিঙ্গ মোটা ও শক্ত করার সহজ উপায়, কিভাবে লিঙ্গ মোটা করবেন

Many of us do not know the easy way to make the penis thicker and harder. The penis has now become dull due to excessive masturbation mixed with different in early youth. Even the thickest ankles have become thinner. Masturbation is not the size of the penis. The reason is that masturbation has been done by applying more force when the penis is supposed to grow normally.

For this reason, the penis is not as hard and thick as before. And ejaculation occurs in a short period of time, which makes it easier to find happiness in family life. You can't give full satisfaction to your wife, so you have to get embarrassed from time to time. And learn some tips to overcome it, your family life will be beautiful and honeyed.

An easy way to make the penis thicker and harder

Many of us think that if the penis is thicker and bigger, there is more satisfaction in intercourse. But this is a misconception. Your sexual satisfaction does not depend on the size of the penis. It depends on how long you have been enjoying your partner. Cuddle your partner for a long time and you will see that he has become weak in a short time. That means his sexual satisfaction is gone. For this you can make this natural massage at home to make the penis harder and thicker.

Below are some rules for making it-

1 Peel three to four cloves of garlic.

2 Collect black cumin oil.

Now take the amount of black cumin oil in a pan. And gently melt with three to four cloves of garlic in between. After some time the oil will come out from the garlic. In this case, remove the pan from the oven and cool the oil. Collect it in a small bowl after cooling done.

Terms of use

This oil should be massaged into the penis once or twice a day. And if your penis is slightly hard, massage it gently from the beginning to the head. However, in this case, the penis will be very hard, but for no reason can not masturbate. Then the work will be done. If you masturbate, it will do more harm than good. Black cumin oil and garlic are natural ingredients. It has no side effects when used and black cumin oil contains some ingredients that will refresh the dull veins of your penis and make the penis thicker and harder with a few days of use.

One more thing, if you have regular sex with your wife, all the problems of sex will gradually go away. It takes no thinking. However, for long-term intercourse, you have to eat protein food. Moreover, make it a habit to do pranayama in the morning and evening, it will definitely increase your meeting time. Moreover, regular intercourse with the penis is hard and thick.

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