Food list before and after the corona vaccination, and what to avoid What to eat before and after the vaccination?


Food list before and after the corona vaccination, and what to avoid What to eat before and after the vaccination?

Anxious to hear the news of a couple of isolated side effects? You have decided not to take corona vaccine? Make a huge mistake. Because millions of people have already been vaccinated, but you will stay out of that group. Will remain at huge risk.

For those who are not afraid of side effects, researchers are going through various suggestions at different times. The body needs to be kept a little fit to adapt to the Covid-19 vaccine. And so it is important to pay close attention to the food list before and after the vaccine.

Many questions have been raised about the corona vaccine so far. Who needs to be vaccinated, who is afraid of getting vaccinated, thousands more questions about when to get vaccinated. Meanwhile, doctors have emphasized on keeping the body hydrated before and after vaccination. At the same time, after the vaccination, some rules have been asked to follow the rules regarding food. Pooja Makhija, a nutritionist, has given some tips to stay healthy after taking the corona vaccine.


Everyone emphasizes hydration before and after taking the vaccine. Because if the body is dehydrated at that time, the pain may be more. Therefore, after taking the vaccine, water, soup, juice and other foods should be eaten more.


Alcohol destroys the body's immune system and dehydrates the body.

Sleep at night

Sleep at night is very important. Because the body needs rest after taking the vaccine. Again, if you do not sleep well, 80 percent of the body's immunity is lost.

Water, water and water

The body needs to be kept hydrated, i.e. drink enough water while taking the corona vaccine. Those who have a habit of drinking less water often avoid the general thirst. And in that condition many activities inside the body are disrupted. So drink water regularly before and after vaccination.

Stay away from alcohol

Those who drink alcohol will not be able to contaminate the corona vaccine for side effects. Because alcohol weakens the body's immune system. So if you want to get vaccinated, stay away from alcohol beforehand. Researchers have suggested the same in the journal Alcohol Research.

Not processed food

The British Journal of Nutrition has published a major article on the relationship between vaccination and healthy eating. Emphasis has been placed on direct food made from grains. Whole grain food in English. The list includes barley, barley, wheat bread, a variety of cereals and nuts.

The report, published in Nutrition, also emphasizes high-fiber foods before and after the Covid-19 vaccine. Besides, sugar and sugary foods have been asked to be eliminated. It has also been mentioned that high-sugar foods increase anxiety and disturb our sleep. Sleep is also important for the vaccine to work well.

Proper diet

Don't give up eating at the thought of a tick again. I want to provide energy to the body. Because dizziness and weakness have been mentioned many times in the list of side effects. Even after being vaccinated, many of the weaker ones have lost consciousness due to anxiety, according to a report in the Journal of Nutrition. Care should be taken to avoid these, so that there is no shortage of fuel in the body. In this case, according to the structure of the body, put non-vegetarian food in the leaves according to the rules.


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