What to keep in mind before the baby starts overeating

What to keep in mind before the baby starts overeating

 Information that the baby needs to know before starting to overeat

1. The first is that new mothers, if they do not know the correct information, must consult a pediatrician or nutritionist if necessary. The wrong advice from many experienced people in the neighborhood can be detrimental to your child.

2. Try to give the baby extra food at 6 months of age. No food other than milk can be given before this.

Many people start with semolina, rice powder, cow's milk and lately pure, raisins, dates, oats because they don't get breast milk (in many foreign countries like mothers are reluctant to adapt to the time they start winning in four months or see glamorous ads on various Facebook groups )) Go!) It can cause nausea, indigestion, thin stools and risk of death in the baby.

3. Most mothers complain that the baby does not want to eat khichuri. It should be noted here that your baby has been drinking colorless, milky liquid like breast milk for so long, it will take time for him to pick up a solid food in a hurry.

If you are now allowed to cook and eat raw fish and vegetables like the Japanese, what can you do? Once you get used to eating, you get hungry while eating.

The problem is that when making khichuri, mothers try to make khichuri with a mixture of rice, pulses, oil, salt, turmeric, ginger, garlic and some vegetables. Why does the baby eat?

4. The baby’s first khichuri should be something close to the mother’s milk, then soft foods like rice, pulses, oily foods like porridge should be made which can take the baby 1 month to eat, this patience must be there.

Gradually get used to this khichuri, then give two kinds of vegetables in one day (as if one of them is a problem). Then, make a habit of laying chicken, fish, eggs over time. In about 8-9 months, you need to soften the food as much as you can.

Then when it is time to brush your teeth, you need to make it a habit to make khichuri or rice or bread a little harder.


5. From to 9 months the baby will first drink breast milk, then 3 extra meals a day as needed, 1 teaspoon if 1 teaspoon, 1 bowl Alhamdulillah After the baby eats what the mother survives, the baby will get better breast milk.

. Then from 9 to 12 months, the baby will eat 5 extra meals first, then if he is hungry he will eat breast milk. Eat formula milk, many people try extra food after breast milk. As a result, the child does not want to eat because he is not hungry. Mothers say the baby does not eat.

. In addition to extra food, you should also make it a habit to drink water. 150 ml to 1.5 liters of water per day should be consumed.

Mistakes that mothers make when overeating

1. If you start with semolina, cerelac, rice powder, sugar, candy, soap, oats, kids don’t want to eat khichuri, rice and other solid foods. Because, those foods can be easily swallowed, you do not need to chew with difficulty. As a result, reluctance to eat solid foods develops in the child.

It is forbidden to give sweets under the age of one. Breastfeeding infants under two years of age can cause indigestion, anemia, and constipation, including allergies.

2. The same problem occurs when food is mixed, beaten or liquefied. Moreover, in this way the body is quickly digested, not nourished. Later, when the child grows up, he no longer wants to chew solid foods

Accustomed to liquid foods. Far erosion is late, suffering from malnutrition.

3. Most mothers run after the baby all day with a meal. However, children should consume all the food in the bowl. Children also get upset with food as it is not digested.

Any food should be fed as much as the baby eats within half an hour. This is because the enzymes and hormones secreted from the esophagus for food digestion last up to half an hour. Subsequent meals are therefore not digested, are completely excreted from the toilet, or gas in the stomach.

4. Another problem is with the fruit. Nowadays it is embarrassing to eat fruit for fear of formalin carbide. On top of that, mothers have been suffering from pure fever lately. Boil apples and tomatoes and eat them as puri. Otherwise, eat them with malt and grape juice.

What is the nutritional value of the first thing when cooking? And the gas that goes into the stomach when eating juice causes the stomach to swell and many children eat less.

5. Every mother dreams of her child eating more throughout the day. So why are you giving him so much interest in Oats, Suzy, Serelac? These foods double the swelling in the stomach, take longer to digest, make the baby less hungry which is not what you want. So?

. Everything should have a time or rule. It should be more or less the same when feeding the baby. Give the baby something to eat from time to time and expect the baby to eat

In this case, many mothers feed the baby with a spoon while lying down. This is a serious mistake, of course, because it can cause food to enter the airways and can kill a baby.

. After all, having a clean face as well as clean food makes you taste better. Most mothers do not know that 6-month-old baby brushes are available in the market to brush their face. Even if you don't have teeth, it is important to brush your gums and tongue. Otherwise, the tongue gets sore due to the accumulation of dirt in the mouth, the taste goes away due to not tasting the food and saliva falls all the time.

So, when you start eating extra food, you have to understand a lot and give food with patience. It is not right to expect that the child will eat gossip. It is important for the baby to recognize the food gradually and make sure that it is just as nutritious as eating a spoonful.

The best time is when everyone in the family sits down to eat, with the baby sitting next to a separate chair and dish. One or two rice chutkas should be rubbed on the tongue, interest in food should be gradually increased. If you see everyone eating, the child will also be interested in eating.

If you still have problems with food, food allergies or eating problems, take a food chart from a nutritionist and consult a doctor to see if there are any problems with the stomach.


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