What to do if the child has a fever - ways to reduce the child's fever

What to do if the child has a fever - ways to reduce the child's fever

 Tension in the child's house with sudden fever .......

I have a lot of fever. Parents of children at home are worried about this fever. The fever is not decreasing in any way. This does not mean that there is no such thing as giving medicine. If this fever is for corona without any other problem then there is nothing to excite. The child is cared for as much as possible at home and does not need to be hospitalized if there are no signs of danger. Let's find out about viral fever

What happens if you have a viral fever?

Any viral fever causes high fever with body aches, nausea and weakness. Dengue is also common in Corona, but the pain can be excruciating, usually all over the body, which many children cannot tell.

Dengue fever

If dengue fever occurs, the fever goes away after two days and the whole body turns red, often starting to itch. This period includes a critical period, which can lead to dehydration and bleeding gums or toothache. Therefore, one must be careful. However, not all dengue fever will be like this. Often the fever lasts five or six days, while the fever can cause rash, itching, severe abdominal pain and bleeding. We have also found that patients may become convulsive or unconscious.

Corona fever

Fever is not completely reduced by medicine for any reason. Some babies may have a thin stool that does not go down easily, some babies may just have a cough and shortness of breath. Most fevers stop the baby from eating, so dehydration should be prevented with water and liquid food as much as possible.

If there are no complications, there is usually no separate treatment for dengue or corona.

What to do if you have a fever?

If you have a fever, wipe the baby's body little by little, drink plenty of water, liquids, coconut water, soup, sherbet. Try to rest, be careful not to run. Wipe the body repeatedly with a wet towel or thin cloth. Do not stop the normal bath, take a bath with warm water if necessary.

If the fever is 100 or more, take paracetamol syrup every six hours, but do not take the medicine unnecessarily or by measuring the fever. Be sure to take paracetamol or clofenac or any other NSAID painkiller, again. These adversely affect the body's platelets (bound to the platelet aggregate) and can cause sudden bleeding. The situation can be further complicated by kidney failure.

If the fever is high, you need to wipe your own body and keep it cool because the fever is often not too low even after taking paracetamol. If necessary or if the fever is very high (103 ° F - 105 ° F), you can use suppositories. However, you cannot give a new suppository within 8 hours of using a suppository.


Most viral fevers do not start to subside before 3-5 days and get better within 7 days. If there is no other problem with fever, the same treatment for common fever and dengue,

The body wiped, bathed

* Give plenty of water or liquid food

* Paracetamol according to fever level

+ Rest

Not all dengue or coronary fever complications are seen. If we can drink plenty of water and fluids in the mouth, we will not hospitalize the baby. I ask you to treat me at home. However, if the child is unable to eat or has symptoms or convulsions of low blood pressure, shortness of breath or lung pneumonia, the child is admitted to the hospital for monitoring, depending on the situation.

Children do not want to eat the way they do when they have a fever. Therefore, without emphasizing on food, you should eat as little water and liquid food as possible. Children do not eat anything, it is a national problem. Please don't want to eat and can't eat ... don't confuse these two things. The child who does not want to eat according to the purpose, can be fed with explanation. A child who cannot eat needs further treatment.

Many people are busy giving their children saline. There are specific guidelines on how much saline a child should be given, depending on some physical symptoms and blood test reports. Therefore, as the blood test is not done unnecessarily, giving extra saline as needed also puts pressure on the heart and kidneys. So in all cases, do not go less than your full potential.

Therefore, do not panic unnecessarily but take measures to protect from mosquito breeding in this season of fever. Do not keep clean water in or around the house or cover tree roots, tubs, AC, buckets with water or do not keep it waterless. Wear a mask, maintain social distance, wash and clean your hands frequently, and stop cluttering unnecessarily.

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