Some tips to get full satisfaction in sexual intercourse between husband and wife


Some tips to get full satisfaction in sexual intercourse between husband and wife

The sweetest of all human activities is the love of husband and wife. And the most intense expression of love between husband and wife is the physical relationship. Husband and wife can get as close to each other as possible through intercourse, it is not possible in any other way.

First of all the wife has to have some basic knowledge about the sexuality of the husband. Then go ahead: General Tips:

A) Preparation for reunion-

1. Most girls go to bed with their husbands in sweaty bodies after work all day. But the husband always hopes that the wife will be his bedfellow when he is fresh. So go to bed clean.

2. On intercourse nights, the husband's choice of dress and grooming will be important.

3. Even if you don't wear underwear on other days, you should wear bra under the blouse and panties underneath on the night of intercourse. As a result, the husband feels extra excitement in the meeting.

4. Many of the girls who have thick hair in their genitals want to cut their hair. Guptanga hair will give priority to the husband's wishes. If the husband dislikes the hair, he will cut it.

5. Be aware of bad breath. If possible, brush your teeth before going to bed.

B) Before reunion-

1. When the husband is aroused, his only goal is to enter the wife's vagina, he does not have the patience for anything else. Despite adequate love, most men are not able to have a sweet love affair, which reduces the time for dating. So the wife should encourage the husband to indulge in love as well as love sports. Therefore, the husband should awaken his inner lover by embracing and kissing him.

2. When kissing, they will play with each other's tongues, hitting each other with their tongues. And the wife should win the battle of the tongue and insert the tongue through the inside of the husband's mouth. This combination of genitals as well as face is very pleasing. And it is said that in intercourse the husband's penis enters the wife, and the wife's tongue enters the husband, in exchange for this beautiful bliss.

3. It is common to see the husband undressing his wife in excitement, but the wife is silent. Later, the poor husband has to give up his excitement and focus on undressing. But the wife should, when the husband takes off his clothes, also pay attention to slowly undressing the husband. It goes without saying that this mutual friendship will increase the joy of reunion many times over.

4. The real woman is the wife who can make her husband realize that her rough body is also sensitive. Just as a husband touches his wife's body and kisses her breast, so a wife touches and kisses her husband, especially on his arms, chest, and back. There is another activity that makes a man very happy, which is kissing his neck and chest.

C) Reunion time-

It is not possible to describe what should be done at the time of intercourse in this way with serial numbers, as it will depend on the mutual characteristics of the husband and wife. The first procedure is for everyone

1. During intercourse, keep the husband as close as possible, as if trying to mix in the middle of the chest.

2. Will kiss more, husband's arms, shoulders, neck, face. And as the husband has inserted his special organ into the vagina of the wife, so he will insert the tongue deeply through the kiss on the face of the husband.

3. Having sex is hard work for the husband. So sometimes the husband will take a break for a few moments through intense kissing.

The second procedure is for dull girls. To say dull is to say that the husband does not get much pleasure in intercourse with them. If the lower breasts (which indicates fewer vaginas), more general menstruation (which indicates lack of vaginal pleasure in the vagina), thicker hair than the arms / legs in the vagina (which indicates lack of normal softness of the vagina) - at least two of the three features. , But that lady is dull. Dull lady's deeds:

1. If the husband is short (the penis is less than five fingers), then there is no problem, but the husband will get full pleasure. So do not worry about concentrating on intercourse.

2. If the husband is normal (the penis is six fingers long) the wife should take control of the intercourse herself, otherwise she will not be able to give complete happiness to the husband. The feeling is less if you give yourself a sursuri, but you can feel more if you give it to someone else.

3. If the husband is long (the penis is more than six fingers), then the wife has a special role to play in satisfying him.

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