Learn the easy way to recognize a virgin,Three methods of testing virginity for girls


Learn the easy way to recognize a virgin,Three methods of testing virginity for girls

There are usually no signs of recognizing a virgin girl. However, by looking at the vaginas and breasts of girls, a fairly virgin girl can be recognized. However, many girls have hereditary breasts. It has been observed that a girl's breasts are quite large, but she has never kissed a boy, never even masturbated or had sex.

Does this mean that the girl has lost her virginity? Not at all. There are cases where a girl has had sex for the first time in her life, but there is no bleeding. This does not mean, however, that any man before you has taken his virginity. However, there are no signs of recognizing a virgin girl. However, the following are some of the signs of recognizing a virgin girl by looking at her vagina and breasts:

1. Vagina

A. The labia majora i.e. the outer petals will stick together almost completely and the vagina will not be visible.

B. The labia minora, that is, the inner petals, will also be completely closed and the labia majora will be completely covered. If the labia majora is not removed, it will not be seen.

C. Hymen means that the hymen will remain intact. Although it can be torn for many reasons. It usually bleeds when torn.

D. The lower edge of the labia minora will remain together.

E. The clitoris / clitoris is very small and the skin covering it will also be thin.

F. The vagina will be narrower and the inner folds will be less smooth. The folds will be much higher.

2. Breasts

A. Breasts will be smaller.

B. Will be flat, not round.

C. Be firm, not fluffy.

D. The dark part around the nipple will change color from pink to light brown (less dark) and this part will be smaller in size.

E. The size of the nipple will be smaller.


Hymen or hymen remains intact even after several sexual intercourse with many girls. These are called pseudovergins or fake virgins. However, the rate is much lower.

This is usually how a girl's virginity can be identified. However, girls who play sports / exercise more, ride bicycles / motorcycles, ride horses and masturbate are more likely to have their hymen torn.


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