"Valba-Vagina Anatomy"


"Valba-Vagina Anatomy"

"Valba-Vagina Anatomy"

More than 45% of men are terrified, anxious, and largely inferior about the shape of their penis. Conversely, more than 75% of women are satisfied with the size of their sex partner's penis. Are women a little satisfied? Men in the grip of mere malice? Actually, there does not seem to be quite a similarity? Then it needs a solution.


We need to know what a vagina is and how long it is. Otherwise, it is difficult to understand why penis size is so important at all.

Take a good look at the picture. The first thing that catches the eye is some tissue. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. These are not less in number. These tissues are very soft, arranged in several layers. These are collectively called Vulva. In the Intermediate Biology book, grasshoppers got names like labium, labrum, maxillary valva, etc., which are located before the mouth, just as there are several flesh before the vaginal pores, such as labia majora, labia maimora, clitoris, etc. .

If those tissues are removed, two holes can be seen. Another vesicle of a urethra. On the other hand, boys have the same urinary and ejaculation ducts. As a result, urine is not excreted with her orgasm. But women can also urinate with orgasm.

The length of the vagina is about 2.8 - 4.62 inches. If you want to take an average of 3.8 inches. And this length starts from the very hole to the cervix. What is the cervix? It is the lower part of the uterus. When the baby is born — when the baby's head bends down to get out — the baby's head puts pressure on the cervix. Then the terrible pain began; Which is called labor pain. Then when the cervix is ​​wide enough, the head slowly comes out and the pain ends. The cervix has more functions, such as transporting sperm & menstrual blood. Its length is about 1 inch. This means the end of happiness and the beginning of suffering from the cervix. Because the penis length on average is slightly more than 5 inches. After becoming an adult, there is no chance to increase its length. However, it can be a little curved, stiff and thick at a very prime age.

A beautiful calculation is needed here. If the vagina of a girl is on average 3.8 inches and the penis of a man is 5 inches, then there must be pain. But when aroused, the vagina of a girl gets a little longer, which is about 4.5 inches on average. That means boys are 0.5 inches shorter than their average penis length! Considering the length of the valve and the tissue, it increases a little more.


Another issue in the vaginal case is that it is capable of resizing at a massive rate. When women do not feel sexually prepared, the vaginal walls stick to each other. Fluid secretion begins when the butt is sexually prepared and the length increases slightly. Because the cervix is ​​pulled upwards. There are also variations in length in the vaginal case at various times, such as periods, pregnancies, etc.


So who are these dissatisfied women? These are women whose vagina size is larger than normal and accordingly the inconsistency of his partner's penis. It doesn't matter much. It is very important to know these things. Considering the genotype and phenotype, we can say that malnutrition and hormonal deficiencies often lead to disruption of the body.

One of the popular myths is that the length of the penis is related to the size of the soles of the feet. Nah it's all fake information. And there is no fixed ratio of male penis length to physical height. Because it is not dependent on external structure.


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