cesarean or normal?

Caesar or normal?

 Caesar delivery is the reason for the increase

Do you know what happens next for the injection given to the spine during Caesar ??

Do women doctors currently do 100% of Caesar's work? Or do you have to take the help of a male doctor for some work?

Caesar does not take any animal in the world, why do humans?

The reason why people get Caesarean section is that the mother-in-law will call and say that if something happens to my daughter, the son-in-law will not leave you.

 And there is Shala Shali. If you talk to the doctor after that, the ID will be lost today.

After taking the pregnant woman to the hospital, the doctor just checks up ... with any one of these 3 dialogues.

1. The baby is dehydrated.

2. The baby has a bowel movement inside.

3. The child's position is reversed.

After hearing any of these words, it is not difficult to imagine the condition of the pregnant woman and her family.

If you look at the delivery reports of all the private hospitals in Bangladesh for the last 5 years, it can be seen that about 90% of the children have been delivered by Caesarean section.

It is very difficult to find that one out of 100 female doctors has delivered Caesar, and the common man goes to the hospital as soon as he goes to the hospital. Does it take all that one cartoon medicine is taken at O, T, during Caesar? Where is the rest of the medicine?

For Caesar delivery, mothers in our country are becoming paralyzed. Shut it down. Save the mother, save the baby.

However, I think some doctors may suggest caesarean section for their own benefit.

But not all doctors.

Now the reason why the number of Caesars has increased seems to me to be the origin of the matter from our birth. You look at your grandparents. They will see how strong they are even in old age. Our grandparents will see that even at the age of 70, he is going to walk a long distance to pray and have tea. My grandfather used to wear paper without glasses even after he was 80+ years old. Now look at our parents. Getting some changes? Do you see their back pain, knee pain, bone loss?

In present day Bangladesh, a large number of "mothers" are having their babies removed by caesarean section, and many "mothers" are dying. .

"Maybe someone will say" to have to do "Caesar" now because of getting married at a young age, I would say your idea is wrong. So if it is, then our grandparents got married at the age of only 11/12 years, nothing happened to them… !!

(Sorry I don't want to argue)

~ A Caesar means the end of a mother's life ,, !!

- Caesar means the death of a mother to be disabled to this day!

You notice the difference, those who have a normal baby delivery have a torn heart, and those who have a caesarean section may not have a broken woman, but have a rich heart.

What do many people think, Caesar? Just the stomach is thorny, yes not only the stomach but also the seven curtains have to be cut to bring the baby into the world ,,!

Maybe cutting the abdomen for anesthesia during a caesarean section is not understandable ,,! Notice that in half an hour, three saline is finished!

But an injection into the spine with a thick syringe hurts every cesarean mother for life!

Mothers sometimes have different parts of the body, they can't get up from sitting, they have a lot of trouble doing all the work in the world! Still have to do ,,! Because, they are women, !!

Believe it or not, when the period of retirement is over, every mother starts to squirm like a chicken with a sore throat, saline runs in the body of a mother who has a caesarean section for 24 hours! Canonical saline is given 24/32 hours for body and cut area pain !! Every mother has to stay in bed after 2 days in a row with body aches and headaches !!

If an institution does not need Caesar, even if it does Caesar to a mother for business, then they will have to answer to God, !!

Don't tell Caesar as much as possible ,, !!

Read the information a little,

Caesarean section rate has decreased in Bangladesh due to corona virus situation. Maternal mortality rate has also come down, healthy strong children are being born normally.

In Corona Lockdown, 1 lakh 75 thousand children were born in the country, of which only 4 percent were born by Caesarean section. The remaining 96 percent of babies were born normal.

Dear "Mom" Dad, I would like to say something to you with heart-wrenching respect. It may feel bad, I'm sorry. "Everyone has to accept this as a test of God in every calamity. But most of you are responsible for Caesar and the baby growing up to be a D J brand!"

Studies have shown that Caesar's children are more prone to disease in the future.

. Previous pregnant mothers relied on God during pregnancy.

And now your reliance is on the doctor. After two or three months, she said to her husband, "Check me up, the baby seems to be upside down." "Some butcher doctors" scare you when you go to the clinic. As a result you become weak both humanly and physically.

Previously pregnant mothers used to recite the Holy Qur'an, offer prayers, and recite the Qur'an at home.

And now you sit at home and talk 24 hours a day. (Some mothers)

 Previously pregnant mothers used to do all kinds of household chores during pregnancy, even making dhemki during pregnancy. (Don't worry, I'm telling you to do this.)

And you don’t want to get out of the flower bed right now.

The faces, stomachs and backs of the previous pregnant "mothers" could not be easily seen by any other man.

And now everyone's attention is focused on the formation of your stomach and back, you move around without a veil.

Your intentions are not right, your problem will be.

Girls have certain parts of the body that it is not permissible to show to anyone other than the husband or even to one's own pregnant mother. That organ is seen by other men today. Alas.

So I will tell my sisters, remove the digital screen and make the Sharhi screen. Keep up the good content so that the baby comes into the world in a normal way. And keep praying.


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