You can remember how many people look


You can remember how many people look

You can remember how many people look

The human brain can remember a lot of things. But how much and how many days can remember, various studies are going on.

We are acquainted with countless people without family members. Human life revolves around people from childhood to the last day of life. Even if we observe school, college, university and then working life as such, we can see that we have met thousands of people in this long journey.

Everyone's appearance, color is different from each other. Then the question may arise, how many faces do we remember?

Exactly how many faces is our brain capable of capturing? You will be surprised to know the answer. According to a recent study, a person can remember an average of five thousand faces.

A team of experts has studied how many faces participants can recall from personal life and the media.

The study said that people have a lot of facial recognition ability. People can remember about a thousand faces.

In the modern age we not only communicate directly or face to face, we also communicate internationally. I met many people there. In this age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Virtual, we are very close with many people, but we have never met.

Yet people can identify their appearance. However, no study has specifically found out how many people can actually remember a person's appearance.


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