What to do before and after coronary vaccination


What to do before and after coronary vaccination

What to do before and after coronary vaccination

The response to the Oxford-Astrageneca covshield vaccine being given in Bangladesh has been minimal. No major side effects were reported except pain, fever or nocturnal shivering, nausea and body aches. These side effects occur with any vaccine. There is nothing to fear unless you have a serious allergy and no major complications.

What to do before vaccination

No separate preparation is required before taking the corona vaccine. This vaccine is much safer. Even then, some things have to be complied with. E.g.

If you are allergic to any food, it is best to avoid such foods before vaccination.

The registration form must provide the correct treatment history.

Vaccination is not possible with fever.

You need to drink more water before vaccination.

People with diabetes should follow a diabetic diet. Medications for high blood pressure and diabetes should not be avoided. In addition to these you should take all other types of medicines.

Vaccination is convenient if you are wearing loose clothing at the vaccination center.

You can take someone with you when you go to the vaccination center. If I have a relative next to me, I will have a place of courage in my mind.

What to do after receiving the vaccine

If there is fever or pain after vaccination, take paracetamol

If nausea occurs, you can take Amidon.

If you have a high fever, diarrhea or night shivering, you need to keep some emergency medicine at home. If you experience any physical problems, you can also consult a doctor or call the health window 16263.

Drink more water. Drink some more fruit juice, eat a balanced diet, make sure you get enough sleep at night.

Continue with any medication in your daily routine. Such as medicines for diabetes, medicines for high blood pressure, medicines for kidney disease etc.

 If you have a habit of drinking tea, drink tea. Perform all general activities.

If you want to go out with family, you can do this too. However, it is best to rest at home for 24 hours after receiving the vaccine. After 24 hours, there was usually no major problem.

The important thing is to follow the rules of coronary hygiene even if you are vaccinated. Wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, maintain physical distance.


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