Vegetables to avoid gastric problems


Vegetables to avoid gastric problems

Vegetables to avoid gastric problems

Gastric problems can be due to various reasons. Irregular eating, drinking and smoking habits, anxiety and insomnia can also cause gastric problems. However, this problem can be solved by following the diet and rules in daily life. Foods that need to be skipped if you have gastric problems. Take a look-


These vegetables are quite readily available in winter. It is normal to have radish in the winter food list. But if you have gastric problems, be careful when eating radish. Because it can aggravate gastric problems. Abdominal pain, bloating can cause multiple problems.

Jackfruit vegetables

Raw jackfruit is used as a vegetable. It is quite tasty to eat and a source of many nutrients. If there is raw jackfruit or curry in Bengali leaves, it doesn't take anything else! However, this tasty and nutritious vegetable is not good for gastric patients.

Gram pulses

We all know more or less about the benefits of gram. But it can also exacerbate gastric problems. For those who are suffering from digestive problems or gastritis, this gram makes their problems worse. For those who are suffering from constipation, it is better to avoid lentils.


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