Find out the causes and remedies for sagging breasts


Find out the causes and remedies for sagging breasts

Women have to face various problems due to over-thinking, long work, long trips. In addition, obesity due to hormonal problems, problems due to fat in the breast.

Breast sagging is the biggest problem for women. Many women's breasts sag even after childbirth. A few more problems Experts have identified a few more problems, which are- age, weight change, smoking, heavy work without adequate support, the breasts get bigger and sagging.

In one of their reports, the Lancet, an international health magazine, talked to various doctors and health experts about the causes and solutions to breast sagging. Let's find out how to solve this problem ...

The Lancet reports that breasts sag as they age. As you grow older, your skin gradually shrinks from adolescence to women's skin. The tightness of the skin of the breast like the skin of the face also gets dirty day by day. Prolonged leaning or bending over for a long time at home or in the office can cause serious damage to the size of the breasts. Although it was not understood at first, it can be understood after a while.

Even if you do not use the right bra, the problem of sagging breasts occurs. If you choose the right size and the right bra from the very beginning, you can get some relief from this problem. At the same time you need proper eating habits and adequate sleep.

If you do not use a sports bra during exercise, the chances of sagging breasts are high. Exercise puts a lot of pressure on the body. Breast collagen can then be broken down. If you do not get proper care at this time, the breasts will sag easily.

Smoking is one of the causes of sagging breasts. It affects the elastin in the cells of the female body. The elastin slowly begins to break, causing the breasts to sag. Without it, breast size becomes much larger and heavier with age. The major cause of obesity. This is a problem even if you have children again. People who have such an anatomy are more likely to have sagging breasts than others. There is also a possibility of sagging breasts due to genetic reasons.


1) You have to do physical exercise every day according to the rules. This will fix our physical constitution.

2) Fresh vegetables and fruits should be included in the daily meal routine.

3) Any type of fatty foods should be avoided.

4) Try to keep body weight normal and specific according to age and height. Maintaining physical balance is very important in this case.

5) Avoid smoking as much as possible.

6) In case of any kind of work at home or in the office, try to keep the spine as straight as possible.

7)  Drink enough water from waking up all day to going to bed at night.

8) The right size and the right bust should be determined according to the work.

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