Why should I eat banana leaves?


Why should I eat banana leaves?

Why should I eat banana leaves?

Everyone has the habit of eating breakfast or lunch, steel plate or glass plate in the morning, afternoon and night. Some habits may be unusual but need to be changed to ensure good health. Then it's not too late. Change the habit, bring back the old style. Eat banana leaves. Dangerous diseases will not even come close to your side.

According to Indian doctors, banana juice has many benefits. And when that juice is mixed with food, full nutrition will reach your body. No extra work is required for him.

Banana juice contains citric acid, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and tannins. This juice acts as a tonic. But of course, there is no need to eat banana juice. Only, breakfast, lunch, dinner playing banana leaves will be much more effective.

But it may seem, where to find banana trees in flat home culture! Although it is not possible to eat banana leaves every day, make it a habit to eat banana leaves at any one or two meals.

Playing with banana leaves will get rid of stomach ailments, and from there fever, cold and toilet problems. Disease will not come near you. Although banana leaves have become popular in our country, eating banana leaves is still common in different parts of India, especially in South India.

Doctors report surprising benefits in colds, coughs, shortness of breath and bronchitis. Banana juice works like magic in constipation, diarrhea, anemia, skin diseases. Cures liver problems. Lowers blood pressure. Banana juice also works well in diseases like TB and intestinal. That is what the doctors say. Healthy banana leaves contain polyphenols. Natural antioxidant. Playing on banana leaves provides nutrients by mixing polyphenols with food. Flavored banana leaves have a waxy coating. Has a fantastic flavor. Combining with food makes the food more tasty.

Banana leaves are much more eco-friendly than eco-friendly plastic or paper plates. Disappears in a very short time after use. Banana leaves do not need to be washed too much before eating healthy. It can be eaten after washing with a little water.

Whether it is a steel dish or a glass plate, it is well washed. Even if washed very well, the chemical of soap may stick to the plate. But banana leaves do not need these. So food is also chemical free.

Large in practical size. Many things can be taken together in banana leaves while eating. Waterproof as it has a waxy coating. That's why experts say that jhale-jhole-ambale banana leaf is the best.


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