There is a disease called Ondine's curse

There is a disease called Ondine's curse

 There is a disease called Ondine's curse

The disease is very serious. If he has this disease, he will die even if he sleeps for a while!

We know that our breathing is automatically regulated by our brain. So even if you don't notice it, you will continue to breathe. Even when you are asleep, you breathe very nicely. You don't lack oxygen. You stop breathing for a second. No.

But what is the disease in Ondine's curse?

The small area of ​​the brain that used to control automatic breathing is lost, so that automatic breathing can no longer take place, so every breath has to be done at will. Suppose a patient with this disease is talking to someone, he has forgotten to breathe. Then he will be deprived of oxygen !!! - And when that patient sleeps, he will die! Because breathing must be according to his wishes and therefore he must be alert. He will never be able to sleep!

You may think that only a small place is not working for the brain for which there is so much problem !!!!!

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