It is a secret disease


It is a secret disease

It is a secret disease

Like other countries in the world, the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases has also increased in our country. As the days go by, people's awareness is also increasing. However, many people do not think that sexually transmitted diseases. As a result, recovery becomes difficult for them. E.g.-

Complications of Gonorrhea: The number of people infected with this disease worldwide is estimated at 6 crore every year. In men, the testicles may close and the testicles may be damaged (epididymis). In these cases, even if there is no problem with the wife, the chances of having a child are slim. Because in that case semen is not produced properly. But it can't come with a good tube. So the ability to be the father of the child is lost.

Chronic inflammation of the prostate gland can occur. This results in urinary tract problems. Such as- difficulty in urinating. Even urination is obstructed and there is pain. This can make the urethra narrow. In the case of women, if proper treatment is not given, the ovarian opening closes and the chances of becoming a mother are lost. Inflammation of the bladder can cause frequent urination. If a woman is pregnant, the baby's eyes may be affected during childbirth. In addition, both men and women may have swelling of the knees or ankles.

Complications of syphilis: In this case also, if not treated properly, it becomes complicated. Without proper treatment, syphilis can turn into periodic syphilis, with up to 30 percent of syphilis recovering naturally after two years. Out of the remaining 80 percent, 30 percent may have latent lifelong syphilis, meaning he will carry the virus without symptoms for the rest of his life. Of the remaining 40 percent, 12.5 percent had complications of nervous system syphilis and 12.5 percent had complications of heart syphilis.

The virus can enter the body of the fetus through the infected mother and in this case miscarriage can also occur. Dead babies can be born or babies can be born with syphilis. Infected people can have serious heart and brain problems, which can lead to death. So I hope everyone will be able to understand the need or importance of appropriate treatment.

Complications of Shenkroid: If not treated or not treated properly, it causes many complications. For example, the lymph nodes in the groin of an infected person may become infected and turn into INGUINAL BUBO, which may rupture at some point and form an excretory duct. Phimosis or paraphimosis may occur. As a result, the pores of the penis become narrow and urination can be stopped. If the disease is not treated quickly, surgery may be required.

Complications of Genital Herpes: It is a viral disease. Once is never good. Appears after a while, goes away again and appears after a certain time. If the mother has this disease, the baby may be infected during delivery. Even the baby's eyes may be infected. Abortion can occur. The mother's cervix can also cause cancer.

Author: Dermatologist, Sexual and Allergy Disease Specialist


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