If you keep it clean, hand worms will be a problem.


If you keep it clean, hand worms will be a problem.

Rules for deworming

If you keep it clean, hand worms will be a problem.

It is embarrassing for any doctor when the patient's guardian comes and says, "Last month you gave me worm medicine, this month I see worms again. What should I do now?"

There is probably no one in our country who does not have this tiny parasite in his body. Because, we live close to the ground, lots of dust, walking barefoot. Even then, when symptoms appear, medication should be taken to reduce it.

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. I give worm medicine to the children in a hurry.

What are the dangers?

1. Increased distaste for food

2. Constant vomiting

3. Abdominal pain

4. Swelling of the abdomen, even the abdominal veins are closed

5. Allergic rash appears all over the body

. Worms come out of the nose and mouth which we call ascariasis crisis.

. Worms may be hidden in the gallbladder. Later, infections and clots can form in the bile ducts and obstruct them like stones.

Why are worms?

It is an ongoing cyclical process. In any case, if the worms enter the baby's stomach (piercing the skin of the mouth or feet), the worms nest in the esophagus and lay eggs around the anus at night. When these eggs are scratched on the way to the toilet, they get a chance to go from the fingernails to the stomach through the mouth again.

Do not take worm medicine sometimes?

1. The child just recovered from any illness

2. If there is fever or vomiting

3. When running a thin toilet

4. Under one year

5. If you do not see worms at the age of one year.

When to eat?

1. If you see worms in the toilet under two years

2. Routine every two years or 6 months

3. If you see worms in the toilet under two years

4. When one of the family plays, the rest also as a routine.

Rules for taking worm medicine

1. If the infestation of worms is not high and there is a fear of ascariasis, the child should be given antihistamines for seven days first. This will make the worms lifeless and the toxins from the dead body will not be able to cause allergic reactions in the body.

2. After that, on the day of feeding the insecticide, the child should take medicine at night and clean his / her toilet and wash his / her hands thoroughly. Then wake up in the morning and wash and clean the child's toilet again. This reduces the chances of the worms re-entering the stomach from the dead worm eggs.

3. The rest of the family should also take deworming and after giving deworming, the child should be given a vitamin syrup so that he does not feel disgust.

4. Ointment, Vaseline should be given and the whole place should be kept dry.

Ways to prevent worms

1. Cleanliness is the only way to avoid worms.

2. The baby's nails should be cut evenly and kept clean.

3. You have to give up the habit of putting your hands in your mouth and cutting your nails.

4. You must wash your hands well before eating anything, it must be taught to the child very well.

5. You can't walk barefoot on the ground and the child has to refuse to touch the dust.

. If the baby tries to scratch the toilet at night while sleeping, wear long pajamas or apply Vaseline or ointment to prevent itching in the rectum.

. When the toilet is tanned, the worms get a chance to nest in the stomach. For this, you need to eat more water and vegetables to have regular bowel movements.

. Regularly after 6 months, everyone in the house (including work people) should take worm medicine.

So being small is not negligence

The baby has to be dewormed regularly.

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